The 7 most exciting Netflix Original series to arrive in 2022
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The 7 most exciting Netflix Original series to arrive in 2022

After the pandemic of 2020 ravaged the globe, there was a sincere sense of hope for 2021. Sadly, it turned out that we weren’t quite in the clear yet. Although we are still trying to be optimistic, nothing apart from films and series can provide solace as we head into 2022.

With quite an interesting lineup for 2022, the upcoming Netflix Original series this year seems to be more promising than the last. After 2021 had a series of interesting series including The Maid, Squid Game, Hellbound, Sex Education and more, 2022 will see more such exciting releases. 

Grab some popcorn and show some excitement for the best that is yet to come. With a very interesting line-up of Netflix Original series yet to arrive in 2022, here are ten such films that deserve your unhinged attention.

The 7 best Netflix Original series coming in 2022:

The Witcher: Blood Origin – Lauren Schmidt Hissrich 

Lauren Schmidt Hissrich worked with writer Declan de Barra to bring to the fans of the expanding Witcher-verse, the story of the original, first-ever Witcher when “the worlds of monster, men and elves merged into one”. Set nearly 1200 years before Henry Cavill’s Geralt of Rivia, this prequel series will explain how the witchers came into existence. 

Unlike Geralt’s world where witchers are considered an abomination, the series will record how “the world was much more of a Golden Age than what we see in The Witcher years later,” according to Hissrich. Cast members include Sir Lenny Henrey, Michelle Yeoh, Laurence O’Fuarain, Sophia Brown, Nathaniel Curtis, Mirren Mack, Jacob Collins-Levy, Francesca Mills, Lizzie Annis, Zach Wyatt and Amy Murray.

The Sandman – Allan Heinberg, Neil Gaiman, David S. Goyer

Working in close collaboration with the man behind the titular bestselling comics – AKA Neil Gaiman himself – Allan Heinberg will present a ten-episode series with an extra ending episode to establish the story of the titular protagonist. According to Gaiman’s repeated promises, the show will not steer away from the original source material despite being staged in the present time, nearly three decades after the events of the original comics. 

Starring Tom Sturridge, Boyd Holbrook, Charles Dance, Roderick Burgess, Gwendoline Christie, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Vivienne Acheampong and others, this Netflix adaptation will most likely live up to the high standards set by the comics that brims with vulnerability, sins, madness and engrossing narratives. It will be a delight to see Gaiman’s extraordinary talent in creating anthropomorphic ideas out of mythological and metaphysical elements be brought to the fore.   

Resident Evil – Johannes Roberts 

The eponymous Capcom game from which the series has been adapted marks Netflix’s foray into the gaming world. With eight one-hour-long episodes starring Lance Riddick, Ella Balinska, Tamara Smart, Siena Agudong and Polo Nunez in prominent roles, the series has already generated quite the buzz before its release. In the new teaser trailer, it released on Twitter, the premise already looks promising and intense. 

It will take place over two different timelines. Allegedly, it will mainly explore the dark secrets of the Umbrella Corporation and the outbreak of the deadly T-virus that leads to the establishment of new world order. There is a lot worthy of intrigue to unpack with high-strung action sequences and suspenseful elements all designed to bring the glorious game to the silver screen.   

The Midnight Club – Mike Flanagan  

Following his successful stints on Netflix with The Haunting of Hill House, The Haunting of Bly Manor and Midnight Mass, Mike Flanagan is back with yet another new Netflix Original horror series that will be based on Christopher Pike’s eponymous novel that has grabbed the unhinged attention of horror aficionados. With ten episodes on their way, the cast members include Adia, Iman Benson, Ruth Codd, Igby Rigney, Heather Langenkamp, Annarah Cymone, Zach Gilford, Matt Biedel and more. 

The series will revolve around seven terminally ill young adult residents of the Rotterdam Home hospice that is helmed by a charming doctor. These people meet every night to tell each other scary horror stories. At this meeting, one night, they agree upon a bizarre deal where the one who succumbs to their illness first will be responsible for communicating with the others, thus leading to a series of uncanny, supernatural events. 

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners – Hiroyuki Imaishi 

The upcoming ten-episode limited series will be adapted by Studio Trigger who are already popular for their brilliant work in animes like Neon Genesis Evangelion, Live Witch Academia and more. Adapted from Cyberpunk 2077, the series will witness Netflix expanding the gameverse, forming a ripe ground for the production of a sequel. 

It shall have no overlap with the sequences of the video games except having the same premise of being based on a street urchin’s survival in a futuristic Night City that is obsessed with body modifications and high-end technology. The child can choose to be an agile and mercenary rebel known as the cyberpunk and the subsequent edge runner in this riveting setting.    

Avatar: The Last Airbender – Albert Kim 

After M. Night Shyamalan’s disaster of a live-action 2010 adaptation, Netflix is here to set the record right and break the curse of adapting the fan favourite TV series. More than a decade after the end of the television series, it has still managed to keep the buzz among fans alive due to its status as a cultural phenomenon. 

Despite some obstacles, in the beginning, the show is in its early stages of development. The cast members include Elizabeth Yu as Azula, Maria Zhang as Suki, Yvonne Chapman as Avatar Kyoshi, Daniel Dae Kim as the Fire Lord and others in major roles.    

Man vs. Bee – David Kerr, Rowan Davies, Will Davies 

In his collaboration with the Davies following their successful Johnny English stint, legendary British comedian and actor Rowan Atkinson, most popularly known as Mr. Bean, will be seen in a 10-episode riotous series as a man battling the noxious and pestilent bees at a mansion he is tasked with housesitting. Chaos ensues as he indulges in a fight with the bees to fend himself against their wrath. 

Atkinson is popular for immortalising Mr. Bean with his hilarious physical comedy and antics. He will be seen as a grumpier and older version of the iconic character. We cannot wait to see what this new insect comedy has in store for us and whether Atkinson’s new character will manage to reign supreme in our hearts much like Mr Bean.