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Every video game movie and series coming soon to Netflix

Netflix has been our saving grace during these trying times and the news about the hundreds of projects in-development brings nothing but unbridled joy. Quite recently, the streaming platform has shown a keen interest in adapting video games into live-action/animated films and series which have reaped great fruits.

While Amazon Prime has taken the world by storm after announcing their intention to adapt the Fallout series, it is pertinent to note that Netflix has outdone Prime. Besides having adapted some incredible video game projects, namely Castlevania, Dragon’s Dogma, The Witcher, Minecraft: Story Mode and more, they are set to stream various other video game project adaptations which are currently in development. 

After releasing Dota: Dragon’s Blood in March 2021, fans were ecstatic about the same and are eagerly waiting for future productions. Netflix is rumoured to adapt a Zelda series based on the popular Nintendo franchise as well as a God of War series, but officials have been very tight-lipped about this and refuse to spill the beans. 

While we wait patiently for updated news on these topics, here are some of the films and series adapted from video games that will stream on netflix quite soon. 

Video game movie & series coming to Netflix


DOTA: Dragon’s Blood 

Type: Animated series 
Release Date: March 25, 2021

Davion, the Dragon Knight, hates dragons for obliterating his entire family when he was young and fights and hunts them down to keep the fantasy world he resides in safe. When the Demons and Dragons clash, his soul merges with that of an elder dragon. He then embarks on a daunting journey with Mirana the moon princess to prevent the oppressive demon named Terrorblade from killing all dragons and collecting their souls. 

Netflix had surprised fans by announcing the animated series based on the popular video game. Developed by Studio Mir, who also works in close collaboration with Netflix for The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf, the series was released on 25th March, 2021 and was quite well-received by the audience. 

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The Cuphead Show!

Type: Animated series 
Expected Release: 2021

One of the most difficult games is set to premiere on Netflix as an animated series. With actors like Frank Todaro, Tru Valentino, Joe Hanna and more voicing the characters, this retro-style cartoon is adapted from the video game which received various awards and accolades for its interesting and nostalgic premise. 

With the graphics inspired by Fleischer cartoons in the 1930s, the show will be developed by King Feature Syndicate and Netflix. It shall focus on the various misadventures and predicaments of two brothers Cuphead and Mugman as they try and support each other in their surreal world of Inkwell Isles.

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness 

Type: Animated series
Expected Release: 2021

Resident Evil fans were ecstatic after Netflix announced the release of this animated series which is said to be based on the capcom games canon, unlike the live-action series. Insiders have let slip that this series shall focus on Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield. Fans have to stay tuned to find out if their favourite characters shall be included in the show. 

The series has a very ambiguous description where the Redfield is set to stumble upon something and Leon is said to help someone which shall trigger the storyline. It is difficult to locate it within the timeline of the game narrative but it will possibly take place before the Resident Evil 6 as Leon looks much younger. The show will hopefully premiere in 2021. 

 Angry Birds: Summer Madness

Type: Animated series 
Expected Release: 2021 

Since it was announced in March 2020, the series has been in development. It said to take a leap from the film franchise while having various new things to offer. The series shall have 40 11-minute episodes and shall feature various new feathered tween birds. 

The series will be crazier than before with various explosive pranks and summertime madness that shall see the birds breaking rules and trying desperately to keep the notorious Pigs at bay on the opposite side of the lake as they try causing trouble. 

Splinter Cell

Type: Animated series
Expected Release: 2021-2022

Very little is known about this project; not even do the fans know if Michael Ironside shall play the series protagonist Sam Fisher. It is based on Tom Clancy’s legendary spy thriller which has been adapted into a two season-long 16-episode animated series by Netflix. John Wick director Derek Kolstad is said to be developing the series. 

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell is a series of “stealth shooter” games which was well-known for their impressive use of shadow as a gameplay element. It is based on the protagonist Sam Fisher, a well-trained black-ops agent, who has to overcome various daunting adversaries with the help of the player. 

Resident Evil 

Type: Live action series 
Expected Release: 2022

Just like Paul W.S. Anderson’s films which amassed immense popularity, this live-action series is allegedly going to stray away from the game narrative belonging to the Capcom franchise. Created by Andrew Dabb, known for his masterful work on Supernatural, this series is set to premiere on Netflix in 2022. 

The series will unfold in two different timelines where the first one shall focus on the iconic villain Albert Wesker’s daughters Jade and Billie. The teenage girls shall begin to question their father’s motives as well as the manufactured town they are trapped in. The second timeline, set 15 years later, shall follow Jade’s struggle for survival in a zombie-overrun planet, while grappling with the past secrets revolving around herself, her father as well as her sister.  

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Type: Animated series 
Expected Release: 2022

Studio Trigger, known for their incredible work with Neon Genesis Evangelion, Live Witch Academia and more, is set to develop CD Projekt Red’s highly-awaited animated adaptation of Cyberpunk 2077. This ten-episode limited series will be directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi and might witness an expansion to the gameverse via this series, leading to a sequel. 

It shall focus on a street kid’s survival amidst a futuristic city (Night City) that is obsessed with technology and body modifications. The events of the show shall have no overlapping sequence with Cyberpunk 2077 except being set in the same premise. The kid shall choose to be the edge runner – an agile and mercenary rebel who will be known as the cyberpunk. 

Sonic Prime 

Type: Animated series
Expected Release: 2022

Sonic the Hedgehog has ruled the hearts of not only kids but other devoted fans who adore his adventures. This 24-episode animated series shall be developed by Netflix in collaboration with Wildbrain. The creators of Ben 10 and Big Hero 6 have been roped in.

 This speedy, “blue blur” shall embark on a journey of “self-discovery and redemption” while trying to deal with the huge responsibility of affecting the fate of the multiverse. 

Assassin’s Creed

Type: Live action series 
Expected Release: 2022-2023

Ubisoft and Netflix are collaborating and a live-action based on the Assassin’s Creed franchise is on the cards. Although nothing has been revealed about this extremely secretive project, it is known that Jason Altman and Danielle Kreinik from Ubisoft Film shall serve as executive producers. It is expected that many such projects shall be streaming on Netflix. 

The game narrative mainly revolves around the ongoing rivalry between the Assassins, who signify freedom as well as the Knights Templar, who signify order. With extremely riveting plotlines set in a wonderful chronology, the Netflix series has a lot to live up to! 

Tomb Raider

Type: Animated series 
Expected Release: Not announced 

Legendary Entertainment is working with Netflix on this anime series which shall help the iconic and stealthy Lara Croft embark on dangerous adventures yet again where she shall raid tombs and stumble upon new mysteries. The Witcher: Blood Origin writer Tasha Huo is set to work on this project as well.

Netflix took to Twitter to announce this exciting news themselves by saying, “The most iconic heroine in video games is jumping to animation! Tomb Raider is a new anime series from [Legendary Entertainment] following Lara Croft after the events of the video-game reboot trilogy.”

 Beyond Good and Evil

Type: Live-action movie 
Expected Release: Not announced 

In July 2020, Netflix announced the live-action film adaptation of Ubisoft’s famous game Beyond Good and Evil. It shall be directed by David Letterman, known for Detective Pikachu, and Ubisoft Film executives Jason Altman and Margaret Boykin shall serve as producers. No other official news has been received yet. 

It is yet unknown if the film shall be based entirely off the game narrative which follows the adventures of an investigative journalist and martial artist Jade as she embarks on a mission to reveal the hushed-up alien conspiracy. The player, as Jade, must fight adversaries, befriend allies as well as obtain photographic proof to make it to the end.

The Division

Type: Live-action movie
Expected Release: 2022

Production is yet to begin on this highly-anticipated adaptation of Tom Clancy’s work. It shall grace Netflix in form of a feature film and shall star a heavyweight ensemble including Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Chastain. The film is estimated to release in 2022. 

It will be based on the game narrative where, in a futuristic society, a deadly virus released in New York City on Black Friday decimates the millions, spreading via dollar bills. This leads to ensuing chaos and a group of highly-trained officials are entrusted with the mammoth task of venturing into the city and rescuing survivors. 

Devil May Cry

Type: Animated series 
Expected Release: Not announced 

The video game franchise by Capcom revolves around a demon hunter named Dante who encounters dangerous adversaries and thwarts various demon invasions. The series is in line with Dante’s Divine Comedy and consists of various exciting stylised combat sequences. 

While it is known that Castlevania series director Adi Shankar, the creator of the bootleg multiverse, is set to develop the project, nothing has been revealed about the project. However, given the incredible game premise, we can only hope for the series o be bigger and better. 

Final Fantasy

Type: Live-action series 
Expected Release: Not announced 

Produced in collaboration with Hivemind, the studio popular for The Witcher and The Expanse (Amazon), fans are excited about this live-action series. However, the Covid-19 pandemic which has stalled and delayed various productions have pushed back the production dates for Final Fantasy as well and no updated news has been conveyed. 

According to the press release, the series shall take place in the Final Fantasy XIV realm. The series shall abound in airships and beasts and focus on the constant dichotomy between technology and magic in an effort to find peace amidst conflict.