Netflix releases teaser trailer for ‘Resident Evil’ live-action series
(Credit: Netflix)

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Netflix releases teaser trailer for ‘Resident Evil’ live-action series

Netflix had delivered the delightful news of adapting the fan favourite video game Resident Evil into a live-action series months back. While rumour mills were awash with speculation for the longest time, Netflix has finally released the first teaser trailer for the series. 

Although it is just seven seconds long, it gives the viewers a sneak-peek into the iconic antagonist of Resident Evil Cerberus. Despite looking pretty adorable initially, the dog’s head soon turns and reveals the rotting flesh on his skull, baring his vicious-looking teeth. 

While the teaser was promptly removed after being posted on the show’s official account, they quickly uploaded images to compensate. However, Twiterattis were quick to record this slip-up, and the teaser has been going viral ever since. 

The series will be based on the eponymous Capcom game as a part of Netflix’s foray into the gaming world. Netflix is milking the enthusiastic fan base of the Resident Evilverse by producing this live-action series as well as having two animated projects on the lineup. The news was purely hearsay until last August, when Netflix finally confirmed the same via social media. 

It will take place over two different timelines. Allegedly, it will mainly explore the dark secrets of the Umbrella Corporation and the outbreak of the deadly T-virus that leads to the establishment of new world order. There is a lot worthy of intrigue to unpack with high-strung action sequences and suspenseful elements all designed to bring the glorious game to the silver screen.

With eight one-hour-long episodes starring Lance Riddick, Ella Balinska, Tamara Smart, Siena Agudong and Polo Nunez in prominent roles, the series has already generated quite the buzz before its release. 

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