The five best reality shows to watch on Netflix
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The five best reality shows to watch on Netflix

Reality shows as a genre that claims to be documenting unscripted ‘real life’ situations. This genre is often adorned with unfamiliar people put together in one place to spew out a palate of drama. The genre gained considerable traction, with big franchises like Big Brother, Fear Factor, and Idols becoming globally famous.

These were not only internalised by several cultures, but they also highlighted niche features and characteristics of people around the globe. That being said, you can still not study anthropology with these as case studies. Although these shows claim to be ‘unscripted’, it is questionable whether they really live up to it. 

However, these shows are a delight to indulge in. Especially on low days when one can switch off their active brains to dive into some much-needed me time. For each of these shows, the contestants (be they celebrities or not) face several challenges. The series often revolve around certain themes. The themes often align with what viewers want to watch, something to relate with. Whether that is drama around love, fashion, or merely just a group of unknown individuals mingling with each other. 

Do you need a much-needed break from rom-coms? But still, find yourself wanting to see people fall in love. Maybe you want to watch a group of newbies in the industry battle it out to find out who has the best fashion sense. If you are looking for anything above and more, Netflix has a palpable list of reality shows to choose from. However, we have curated just the list for you to go through if you are looking for some good time-wasting 

The best reality shows on Netflix:

5. Tidying Up with Marie Kondo 

Who is Marie Kondo you ask? An organizing consultant, author, and TV presenter who ‘loves mess’. She is the proud author of four books all based on organizing. They have all collectively sold several million around the world. Feeling aggressively dissatisfied with the way your house looks? Looking for a makeover without spending a lot? Marie Kondo, also known as Konmari, has got you covered!

Learn more about how to make a concrete block in your home. Focusing more on how to make order out of mess — not organised mess! It definitely inspired me, check it out now. 

Watch it on Netflix here. Watch the trailer now! 

4. Next in Fashion 

For design enthusiasts and fashion ones, this is a one-stop talent show for aspiring and loving fashion designers across the globe. For the first season, the competitive series was hosted by two top-tier fashion experts, Tan France and Alexa Chung. The show follows daily challenges met by professional and home-based designers worldwide to compete for a whopping amount of  $250,000.

The winning designer also gets to feature their debut collection with the one and only luxury retailer site Net-a-Porter. If you have not watched the first episode of this aesthetically pleasing yet nerve-wracking competitive show, watch it now. As the second season is right around the corner with a very special host on board, the one and only Gigi Hadid. 

Check out the newest season on Netflix here. Watch the trailer now!

3. Amazing Interiors 

Here is a curated list of real estate reality shows on Netflix right now. Do not worry, we have got you covered on all grounds. Loosely based on the telling “don’t judge a book by its cover”. The show visits rather simpleton buildings with not-so-off-simpleton interiors. With each episode only accounting for less than half an hour accompanied by calming music, this might just be the light watch you were looking for! 

Check out the newest season on Netflix here. Watch the trailer now! 

2. Love Is Blind

Did we hear drama? Are we looking for entertaining shows to watch in bed? This might just be the sweet spot on the streamer you are looking for. The show follows the drama-filled journey of a couple of strangers who interact with each other without the gift of sight. They only communicate through rooms connected by a thin wall, chats are all they got.

Depending on the chats, they decide whether they want to propose to each other even before they see each other. It is often painful to watch for the intensity of awkward moments, but that is what reality TV is here for. Do not delay in catching up on this crazy journey filled with drama and plot twists. 

Watch the show on Netflix here. Watch the trailer here.

1. Queer Eye 

Netflix decided to reboot Queer Eye and bring back the joy in our lives. The show stars grooming expert Jonathan Van Ness, fashion expert Tan France, interior design expert Bobby Berk, lifestyle coach Karamo Brown, and food expert Antoni Porowski. If you are suffering from a bad day, episode, or a bad time in general, this sunshine of a show will surely give you something to hope for.

The sheer brightness of what could be hope. The series follows these experts choosing to give any one individual a makeover on all aspects of their lives. Doing so makes these individuals look at how life could be made brighter with little effort. In the days of detachment and increased solitude, shows such as this just make life a little lighter. Prepare yourself for a rollercoaster of emotions. 

Check out the newest season on Netflix here. Watch the trailer now!