Why Netflix’s ‘Queer Eye’ season 6 is the cast’s favourite
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Why Netflix’s 'Queer Eye' season 6 is the cast’s favourite

Although Netflix has not yet announced the official release date for the sixth season of their popular show Queer Eye, the cast members and production team have repeatedly stated how this is their favourite season so far. 

Queer Eye is a show with high emotional content that provides a worthy makeover to everyday “heroes”. Created by David Collins and starring the Fab Five, namely Antoni Porowski, Tan France, Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk and Jonathan Van Ness, the three-time Emmy-winning show is widely acclaimed for its diverse cast and inclusive ideas. 

Executive producer Jennifer Lane, in an interview with Variety’s Streaming Room, referenced the song lyric “Things keep getting better” and said that they “have an incredible season coming up”. 

To add to that, Tan France was later quoted talking about how the sixth season, filmed in Autin, Texas, has transformed him and left a long-lasting impact. “Season six galvanised me,” he said. “I haven’t felt that in quite some time doing any project. It felt really big. The show felt big this season, and I don’t know how else to articulate it. It felt different and felt big. It felt like we were serving a greater purpose than just one singular person each episode.”

Bobby Berk has had a lot of emotional upheavals in the last few seasons and thought that he was dried of tears. He admitted that he “had zero emotion left” and felt like “there’s no way I’m gonna cry”. However, season six is quietly emotionally heavy, and he revealed how neither Antoni nor him “lasted five minutes this season before [we] were both in tears on [our] first episode”. 

While discussing their upcoming season with Variety, the Fab Five also reflected on their Emmy-nominated fifth season, more specifically on the second episode, Groomer Has It, where they focused on helping Rahanna Gray with her dog grooming business. They have the Midas touch, and whatever business they aid ends up exploding, Berk confirmed, “Rahanna has exploded”. 

He further added, “Not only has her grooming business exploded, [but also] she’s opened up her own doggie hotel. She’s had a baby. Every day when I watch her post about the success of her business, it just makes me explode with pride because she is going to take it to the next level.”

With six Emmy nominations, the show is more successful than ever. France said it “blows my mind” to think of “the fact that we were nominated so many times again”. 

“I thought that this train had popped up and over, and everyone got off at this point. So, to know that four years on, people are still interested, and it still touches people blew my mind.”

Given the impact they have had on the community as well as their inclusivity in terms of diversity and representation, Queer Eye deserves all the rainbows, sunshine and love in the world and maybe even more!