Netflix trailer for upcoming Marie Kondo show ‘Sparking Joy’
(Credit: Netflix)

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Netflix trailer for upcoming Marie Kondo show 'Sparking Joy'

Marie Kondo has inspired us to eliminate unnecessary clutter in our lives by sparking the renaissance of cleanliness and organization via her 2017 hit show Tidying Up. The 36-year-old decluttering expert is back on Netflix with her new three-episode limited series Sparking Joy that shall begin streaming from August 31, 2021. 

With a bestselling 2011 book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, it has sold nearly 10 million copies and having been translated into 40 different languages. Kondo has had a groundbreaking impact on the lives of the people living in the modern world, especially given how little time they can devote to cleanliness and organisation. 

The new unscripted series will follow Kondo on her journey. She helps three different small businesses like a coffee shop, gardening business, and a church and their employees organise well. Tidying up, according to Kondo is “a powerful, tender act that can completely transform someone’s mindset and approach to life”. 

Kondo’s exciting insights also prove the “emotional benefits” of tidying up “that resonate in relationships, businesses and communities”. 

While she helps the employees in the trailer, she tells them that they are “important” and must “decide what kind of life you want to lead”. 

The employees will soon find out how such small changes actually lead to larger and more impactful benefits. While one of them expressed their shock and admitted that they had never imagined it to be that “impactful”, the other teared up and said it was quite “overwhelming” and helped them discover “more and more about myself”. 

Marie Kondo’s unconventional methods are indeed life-changing and will help the three businesses and their employees to organise the mess in their workplace as well as their own lives, including relationships, personal life and more. Kondo’s methods have always helped in a gradual but steady transformation where people have been surprised by the impact it has had on their personal lives. 

Sparking Joy will also provide an insight into Kondo’s wonderful family life with her husband Takumi Kawahara and three kids. The mother of two daughters Satsuki and Miko, Kondo welcomed her son in April and made the following announcement on Instagram. 

Popular for the minimalistic, clean and flawless aesthetic, widely known as The KonMari Method, Kondo admitted that being a mother had made her life to be a little less than perfect as it was difficult to keep the mess under control. 

She spoke of how she used to be “a perfectionist” but soon found it “difficult to maintain that standard after having [my] children”. 

To see Kondo struggling to keep her home clean is realistic and reassuring. She further added, “I hope my openness on the subject will help others to ease up on impossible standards”, before adding a cheeky “I gave up on perfectionism a while ago!” 

Watch the trailer below: