The five best real estate shows on Netflix right now
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The five best real estate shows on Netflix right now

We have all dreamt of having a house that best reflects ourselves and our story. We have all dreamt of what we want in our houses to make them a place of peace and harmony, a place to feel grounded. Before real estate came to television, at least one in three people had subscriptions to your local or global architectural digests.

Let’s be honest, there is something quite surreal about seeing private spaces being designed with common motifs and no budget restrictions. 

Netflix has picked on this community who gasp at the whiff of beautiful houses. With rising inflation rates, the housing market is not doing very well. If you are like me, you perhaps might not be able to afford your dream house right now. But luckily, it doesn’t hurt our pockets to marvel at the beautiful properties that someday you and I might be able to afford if we are lucky. The industry did not fail to capitalise on our dreams and produced some binge-worthy content if you are in the mood for a light watch. Who doesn’t love beautiful houses, am I right? 

We have curated a list of the five best real-estate tv shows with binge-worthy material and valuable content that we can all learn from. Let’s dive in without further ado!

The five best real-estate shows on Netflix right now

5. The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes 

This British documentary is presented by Piers Taylor and Carolin Quentin, previously broadcasted on BBC 2 is now picked up by Netflix. With two solid seasons filled with gorgeous and breathtaking real estate, follow the journey of the hosts across several mountains, forests, and the most absurd places in search of unique awe-worthy properties. I can guarantee that this show will give you what you have never seen before.

From the beauty of how culture alters design to structural engineers building against the guarantee. Get ready to blow your mind with some jaw-dropping properties. 

4. Interior Design Masters 

Being an interior design student myself, this competitive show is probably my favourite on the list. Like the former, this reality show aired on BBC before Netflix picked it up. The synopsis follows a team of highly motivated and determined interior designers who are given varied tasks of redesigning private spaces. These spaces vary from living compartments to shops, restaurants, salons, and big houses.

The one to win the title of Interior Design Master gets an exclusive opportunity to sign a design contract with one of the top hotels in London’s buzzing city. Not only do we get to see a multi-cultural outlook from the designers, but we are also motivated to rethink the same space can be designed in so many different ways. Add it to your binge content list now! 

3. Selling Sunset 

Moving away from British real-estate TV shows, we reach an American real-estate series running for five seasons and more created by Adam DiVello. The show is focused on one of the high-grade real-estate brokerage firms in central LA called the Oppenheim Group.

It follows a group of professional agents’ lives and navigates how they carry on their daily business. Have you ever wondered how expensive are the Beverly Hills and Malibu mansions? How much do our favourite celebrities’ houses cost? Watch this highly viewed drama-filled life of popular real estate agents across the bright and sunny city of Los Angeles. 

2. Tiny House Nation 

Continuing on the stream of American tv shows based in this genre, we reach ‘Tiny House Nation’, providing the exact content that it sounds like. Hosts John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin travel across America to interact with different and diverse families with varying needs. They do so whilst rebuilding spaces innovatively and creating something magnificent and highly functional out of the ordinary.

Imagine this as ‘Queer Eye’ but only with the designer instead of the team. If you have been thinking about ways to change your living space, you can get some really resourceful and creative ideas here. So what are you waiting for, tune in now! 

1. Grand Designs

Yet another brilliant example of sheer smartness when it comes to designing functional spaces. In contemporary times, a functional space does not only include houses that work and have functioning bathrooms and plumbing. It includes factors that determine whether they are sustainable in terms of being energy efficient, maximising the amount of space available or working around to utilise natural light and winning in ways to benefit the flow within the house.

Follow the journey of host Kevin McCloud as he travels around to meet people who are building their dream houses themselves whilst focusing on the contemporary style of design. You and I both know how much we love creativity in our lives, give this a shot, and I promise you will definitely fall in love with design as much as I am.