Sources report Prince Harry’s “difficult” tryst with Netflix
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Sources report Prince Harry’s “difficult” tryst with Netflix

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle signed a massive deal of $100 million for a multi-year deal with the streaming giant Netflix after they quit the Royal family. However, recently, the former Duke of Sussex has reportedly found himself in a difficult position regarding the recent controversy about the upcoming season of The Crown

The fifth season of the show is set to air in November 2022 and will focus on the dwindling marriage of Princess Diana and Prince Charles as well as the messy divorce that unravelled under the public eye. 

Much to the chagrin of the Royal family — his brother, Prince William, in particular — the show will feature the controversial and infamous 1995 Panorama interview that Martin Bashir conducted with the Princess of Wales. 

Recently, Jemimah Khan, one of the co-writers of the script on the show and one of Diana’s close friends, quit, citing creative differences with Peter Morgan, the showrunner. She emphasized how the show failed to treat Diana with the respect and integrity she deserved, compelling her exit. 

According to royal family sources, although Prince Harry could make a difference to this “difficult” situation, having “sold himself to the devil”, he is most likely in a prickly situation. Royal correspondent Rupert Bell said, “He’s got a 112 million dollar deal with Netflix and I imagine it’s quite hard for him to extract himself from it. His feeling is probably to stay quiet because hopefully, it might go away.”

Talking about the show, Bell continued, “Clearly, I haven’t seen this episode of The Crown and the way they are treating Diana in the new series, this was always going to be the problem for The Crown when it got nearer to home.”

While Prince William has very publicly condemned an episode being dedicated to the controversial interview that hints at a malevolent season that could taint the image of the Royal family owing to The Crown’s massive popularity, Prince Harry is yet to comment on the same. 

The fifth season of the show is set to feature the likes of Imelda Staunton, Elizabeth Debecki, Dominic West and more in prominent roles. The Emmy-winning show will uphold Diana’s relationship with the surgeon Hasnat Khan and Harrods heir Dodi Al-Fayed, besides focusing on her dwindling marriage with Charles.  

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