Everything we know so far about Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ season 5
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Everything we know so far about Netflix’s 'The Crown' season 5

As Netflix’s The Crown season five continues filming, they keep providing us with tiny sneak peeks into the process as well as the new cast changes.

Having commenced in 2016, The Crown prevails as one of Netflix’s most polarising and popular dramas that delves deeper into the reign of Queen Elizabeth II and explores political and social events, royal family secrets, scandals and many more!

Created by Peter Morgan, the series has performed well at the award shows, becoming one of Netflix’s most expensive productions. With staggering revenues and rising popularity, the show has will be releasing its penultimate season soon. 

Here is everything we know so far about Netflix’s The Crown season five: 

Everything we know so far about Netflix’s The Crown Season 5

When will Netflix’s The Crown Season 5 release? 

Given the status of production, as well as considering how the Left Bank Pictures are taking breaks in between filming due to the changing cast, it will not be until 2022 that we shall get to stream the episodes for Netflix’s The Crown season five. 

How many episodes will there be on Netflix’s The Crown Season 5?

 Netflix’s The Crown season five is set to have ten episodes in all. 

Who will be starring in Netflix’s The Crown Season 5?

Since Netflix’s The Crown keeps covering various decades in the Queen’s reign, the actors keep changing. While Claire Foy was wonderful as Queen Elizabeth II in the first two seasons, she was succeeded by Olivia Colman in the third and fourth seasons. The Academy-award winning actress infused a certain kind of unparalleled and magnanimous maturity and poignance into her haracter. 

Similarly, for the fifth and sixth seasons, the cast members have been changed to portray the various aged-up and new characters of the Royal family. 

Imelda Staunton is set to reprise the role of Queen Elizabeth II. The veteran actress is well-known for having portrayed the villainous Dolores Umbridge in the Harry Potter series. She will be portraying the aged-up version of the Queen for the next two seasons. 

Jonathan Pryce will star as Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh. Following Tobias Menzies, Pryce will look perfect for his role. Well-known for having played the Bond villain in Tomorrow Never Dies, it will be interesting to see what flavour he brings to his portrayal of the Duke. 

Lesley Manville will take over Helena Bonham Carter’s role as Princess Margaret, the Countess of Snowdon. After Vanessa Kirby and Bonham Carter’s incredible performances, one can only expect Manville, known for her role in the Maleficient series, to live up to the expectations. 

After Josh O’Connor, Dominic West will be seen as Prince Charles. While many have not been satisfied with the casting, we can only hope for West to deliver a stellar performance as his character will be under constant scrutiny due to the various controversies that his name shall carry this season. 

Emma Corrin had been memorable as Princess Diana. Although she appeared in only one season, she charmed her way into the viewers’ hearts. Elizabeth Debicki, who is only five years older than Corrin, will take up the role of a more mature and thoughtful Diana during the final years of her life as she goes through a disastrous marriage with Prince Charles. 

Claudia Harrison will appear as Princess Anne, another character to have undergone a divorce during the timeline of this season.

Olivia Williams is set to play another controversial character, Camilla Parker Bowles. While we wish Emerald Fennell’s Camilla had more screen-time given the actress’ sheer brilliance, we are eagerly waiting to see what Williams does with her character.

Prince Andrew, owing to all the infamous sexual assault allegations, remains a very controversial figure in the Royal Family. Tom Bryne as Prince Andrew had very few appearances, but we will definitely see Prince Andrew more this season given his divorce. James Murray, an aptly cast actor, is set to play the role.

Johny Lee Miller will be seen in the role of the Conservative Prime Minister John Major.

What are the events that Netflix’s The Crown Season 5 shall cover? 

Inarguably, the 1990s were the darkest and most challenging times in the Queen’s reign. Ridden with political upheavals, royal scandals and other notorious events, the lament-worthy 1992 was self-proclaimed by the Queen as “annus horribilis” or the most horrible year. 

In 1992, three of her four children underwent separation and/or divorce from their respective partners, the most infamous and publicized being the split of Princess Diana and Prince Charles. 

Public opinion towards the royal family took a hit in that very decade and led to the rise of republicanism. Her political subjects’ disdain was aimed towards the extended members of her family and their obnoxious behaviour, which caused a lot of slanders to be hurled at the Queen herself.  

It was also in 1997 that took place one of the most sensational and controversial events in the history of Britain. Princess Diana, loved and adored by the general public, was killed in a car crash. While her children, the young princes William and Harry, were shielded from the prying eyes of the press by the Queen and Prince Charles, the public raged over the Queen’s apparent nonchalance to her former daughter-in-law and the nation’s sweetheart’s tragic demise. This caused an outbreak of resentment against the Queen and the Royal Family.

In the fifth season, therefore, we will most likely catch a glimpse of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s doomed marriage coming to an end beside the divorces of Prince Andrew and Princess Anne.

We will also get to see the deadly Windsor Castle fire and the Queen’s row with The Sun newspaper. 

The season will most likely feature Princess Diana’s tragic accident as well as the welcoming of Tony Blair as the Prime Minister.  

What is the status of the production of Netflix’s The Crown Season 5?

The fifth season of Netflix’s The Crown is currently being filmed. Filming was slated to begin from June 2021 but ultimately began in July.  

Will there be a sixth season after Netflix’s The Crown Season 5?

After  Netflix’s The Crown was renewed for the fifth season, it was announced that it would be the last season on The Crown. However, the decision was changed pretty quickly by creator Peter Morgan who declared that the sixth season would be coming to Netflix in 2023. 

About the sudden change in his decision, Morgan defended the same by saying, “As we started to discuss the storylines for Series five, it soon became clear that in order to do justice to the richness and complexity of the story we should go back to the original plan and do six seasons.”

He added, “To be clear, Series 6 will not bring us any closer to the present day — it will simply enable us to cover the same period in greater detail.”

Fans were not complaining and were thrilled to learn of this welcome change.