Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ wins big at the Emmys
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Netflix’s 'The Crown' wins big at the Emmys

Netflix has always been uber-successful at the Emmys, winning more than 400 nominations over the last three years. However, they finally managed to ascend the throne with their bombastic drama series win with The Crown reigning supreme at the 73rd Emmy Awards. 

Created by Peter Morgan, the 2016 series prevails as one of Netflix’s most polarising and popular dramas that delves deeper into the reign of Queen Elizabeth II and explores political and social events, royal family secrets, scandals and much more!

The series has always won big at awards shows, except at the BAFTAs, and performed extremely well at this year’s Emmys. Out of 24 nominations, they bagged 11 Emmys in all. 

Netflix had originally been nominated for the drama series category for House of Cards, yet managed to bag it finally with the royal drama series. 

Morgan thanked everyone and expressed how “grateful” he was before announcing that they were going to “party now” before starting to shoot “in a couple of hours”. 

The series won Emmys for lead actress (Olivia Colman as Elizabeth II), lead actor (Josh O’Connor as Prince Charles), supporting actor (Tobias Menzies as Prince Philip), supporting actress (Gillian Anderson as Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher), directing (Jessica Hobbs) and writing (Morgan). 

Hobbs expressed her gratitude and thanked her mother, filmmaker Aileen O’Sullivan for constantly guiding her. She said, “Not a lot of women have won this award, so I feel like I’m standing on the shoulders of some really extraordinary people”. 

The cast has completely changed keeping in mind the time progression, and fans are highly anticipating the numerous twists and turns as well as tension that the show has to offer, including the impending scene of Princess Diana’s tragic demise that shook the nation, causing brewing antagonism against the royal family. 

Watch the historic moment below: