Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ hits the rocks after moral dispute
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Netflix’s 'The Crown' hits the rocks after moral dispute

As Netflix’s The Crown season five continues filming, it has been revealed that the show production has hit rock bottom. Various moral conflicts between the creator and a close friend of the Royal family who was involved in the scripting process means the show is having a serious wobble. 

Created by Peter Morgan, the Emmy-winning show has staggering revenues and ever-growing popularity as it revolves around the story of the British monarchy following the ascension of Queen Elizabeth. 

Covering the various decades in the Queen’s reign, the landscape keeps changing along with the actors. From Claire Foy being replaced as a young Queen by Olivia Colman who played the middle-aged version of Elizabeth. Colman, in turn, has been replaced by Imelda Staunton to play the current version of the Queen. 

Emma Corrin was replaced by Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana and Josh O’Connor as Prince Charles being replaced by Dominic West, the show did not shy away from dealing with controversial topics, including the Prince and Princess of Wales’ tumultuous marriage. 

However, it is the portrayal of Princess Diana that has hindered the further production of the series, forming a huge obstacle in the progression of the show as a whole. 

Producer and consultant, Jemima Khan has resigned from the fifth season, citing her concerns regarding the portrayal of Princess Diana, her former close acquaintance, whose tragic and untimely demise the entire nation mourned. 

Khan revealed that Morgan wanted her help to write the fifth season due to her close proximity with the late Princess. Khan, despite her initial reluctance, was eager to retell Diana’s life story with the accuracy and empathy that the Princess deserved. However, she has claimed that Diana’s story has not been honoured or respected in the fifth season drafts that prompted her to resign her name from the writing credits. 

The fifth season will uphold Diana’s relationship with the surgeon Hasnat Khan and Harrods heir Dodi Al-Fayed, besides focusing on her dwindling marriage with Charles. 

The fifth season is likely to premiere in November 2022. Check out Best of Netflix’s article on everything that we know about the upcoming season here