Ryan Reynolds discusses Netflix film release amidst Ukrainian crisis
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Ryan Reynolds discusses Netflix film release amidst Ukrainian crisis

In the wake of the current Ukrainian crisis and Russia’s full-scale invasion of the nation under the instructions of President Vladimir Putin, the world has been in a state of constant turmoil. Ahead of the release of the upcoming Netflix film, The Adam Project, actor Ryan Reynolds and the rest of the team opened up about the current geopolitical situation and the ethics of releasing a movie amid open war. 

Reynolds and his wife Blake Lively have been actively trying to raise funds to aid the Ukrainian people desperately trying to cross the borders and move towards safety. Ahead of the film’s release, Reynolds opened up to The Hollywood Reporter about how he hopes The Adam Project to serve as a mode of escapism from the darkness and uncertainty looming large over the world’s political scenario. 

Talking about how “things have been varying shades of dark for a while”, the actor said, “We’re sort of afforded this — I say this with big, cartoon quotes — ‘luxury’ of having 24/7 access to information and news constantly, and to be able to step away from that for a second is OK. It doesn’t mean you don’t care. It just means you’re taking care of yourself a little bit.”

His co-star Jennifer Garner echoed his words and said that the cast hopes for the film to bring some joy and comfort to the viewers amidst such dark times. 

Mark Ruffalo, however, did not hold back in lashing out against Putin and his antics. Praising the “incredible courage and strength” of the Ukrainian people, he said, “It’s just good to see them repulse this fucking fascist move to take over their free country by a fascist and the anti-democratic forces of the world, which [Vladimir Putin] leads.”

Directed by Shawn LevyThe Adam Project stars Reynolds, Walker Scobell, Ruffalo, Garner and Zoe Saldana in prominent roles. This time-travel sci-fi film sees Reynolds reuniting with his past self and travelling back to find his lover, who has mysteriously disappeared and then meeting his late father for answers. 

The Adam Project will debut on Netflix on March 11th, 2022. 

Meanwhile, Netflix has refused to comply with Russian laws and has halted all Russian productions and acquisitions for an indefinite period. They have also suspended their service in Russia as of Monday.