Netflix defies Putin government and pauses all projects in Russia
(Credit: Cameron Venti)

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Netflix defies Putin government and pauses all projects in Russia

With the Russia-Ukraine crisis on the rise, Netflix has decided to take a definitive stand and pause all projects and acquisitions in Russia to protest against the state’s unprecedented invasion and attacks on Ukraine

After Netflix launched in Russia in 2021, the government had pressurised them to begin airing the state-run Kremlin propaganda that promotes the government’s views, agendas, and ideas headed by President Vladimir Putin. 

The Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media, more commonly known as the Roskomnadzor, had asked the streamer to air 20 state channels that endorse the Kremlin propaganda and ban other controversial programmes that promote “extremism” and “gay propaganda”. 

However, with the current geopolitical tension on the rise, the West has imposed various economic sanctions on the state, leading to a financial meltdown in Russia. The sports and entertainment industries have also decided to impose sanctions. 

Netflix is currently “assessing the impact of current events” and has indefinitely paused four Russian original series. They have also put Darya Zhuk’s crime series, Zato, set after the fall of the Soviet Union, on hold. 

The three other series include Anna K, a series based on the legendary figure of Anna Karenina. 

Earlier this week, Netflix had defied the law and clauses of the Russian government and refused to air state-run propaganda. The law requires streaming services with more than 100,000 subscribers to air these channels that endorse Putin’s visions. 

Netflix has joined Disney+, Amazon, Cannes Film Festival, Olympics, F1 and others in their boycott of the aggressor nation.