State TV to be streamed mandatorily on Netflix Russia
Credit: Cardmapr

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State TV to be streamed mandatorily on Netflix Russia

Netflix Russia will now be host to various state TV channel programmes besides the usual hordes of Original thrillers, comedies, rom-coms, dramas and horror films to cater to the Kremlin propaganda. 

What is Kremlin propaganda, you ask? 

Kremlin propaganda is the name given to the propaganda of the Russian Federation wherein they promote the various views, agendas, perceptions and ideas of the government and build a cult-like personality of that of the President, Vladimir Putin and help improve the image of the country in the international front. 

The Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media, more commonly known as the Roskomnadzor, said that the streaming service would be obliged to include 20 state channels in its list of films and series. This also includes Saved aka Spas which is a programme of the Russian Orthodox Church. 

Netflix Russia will also be obligated to broadcast Moscow, Putin, Kremlin and more, of which Putin is devoted to the presidential activities. It has been accused of promoting Soviet-style propaganda by rival channel, TV Dozhd. 

By 2022, Netflix will have to ban controversial programmes from oppositions that promote “extremism”.