What we know about Netflix and Putin’s Kremlin propaganda
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What we know about Netflix and Putin’s Kremlin propaganda

Netflix had launched in Russia in 2021, and the government had pressurised streaming platforms like Netflix, with over 100,000 subscribers to carry an assortment of local stations that air Vladimir Putin’s state-run Kremlin propaganda. 

What is Kremlin propaganda, you ask? 

Kremlin propaganda is the name given to the propaganda of the Russian Federation wherein they promote the various views, agendas, perceptions and ideas of the government and build a cult-like personality of that of the President, Vladimir Putin and help improve the image of the country in the international front. 

However, in the current volatile geopolitical scenario, Russia and Ukraine are at loggerheads. In a heated “flagrant violation of international law” in US President Biden’s words, with Putin attacking the state, the West has imposed various sanctions against Russia, including a significant economic embargo that led to a financial meltdown. 

Across the entertainment industry, calls have led to their sanctions against the aggressor. Eurovision has dropped Russia from their Song Contest, and Russian media is also being boycotted. 

In the wake of such events, Netflix has denounced the previous claims of adding state-run channels. They said that they have “no plans” to endorse Putin’s Kremlin propaganda due to the current situation. By this refusal, Netflix will be seen as a courier of fake news in Russia.

However, according to their spokesperson, “Given the current situation, we have no plans to add these channels to our service.”

Earlier, the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media, more commonly known as the Roskomnadzor, had asked the streamer to air 20 state channels in its list of films and series banning controversial programmes that promote “extremism” and “gay propaganda”.