Current Ukraine President once starred in a hit Netflix show
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Current Ukraine President once starred in a hit Netflix show

Helming a nation is no joke. Volodymyr Zelensky, the President of Ukraine, is facing the greatest crisis with his country at the brink of a deadly war with Vladimir Putin’s Russia. However, before the occurrence of these terrifying turn of events, the President was once an actor in a hit comedy show on Netflix. 

An ex-comedian, the 44-year-old was a part of the 2015 political satire series, Servant of the People, that streamed on Netflix. 

He played the role of Vasyl Petrovych Holobrodko, an abusive school teacher who goes on a searing tirade against corruption. After the video goes viral, he finds himself in the presidential seat. 

Created by Zelensky, the show somehow foretold the subtle turn of events and the show was pretty influential, forcing Ukrainians to rethink their political stances. This stance was a brilliant way of campaigning under the guise of a comedy show that worked in Zelensky’s favour. 

The production house for the series, Kvartal 95 launched an eponymous political party after the series and declared Zelensky as their chosen candidate at the 2019 Presidential election. Zelensky maintained his stance as an anti-corruption politician, defeating President Petro Poroshenko and securing a majority of 70 per cent votes. 

Currently, Zelensky is facing the greatest crisis of his career with an impending war with Russia. He is urging Russian people to oppose Putin’s actions. 

While the United States and its allies have criticised the Russian government, fearing a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, terror continues to wash over the nation.