5 Ryan Reynolds films to watch ahead of ‘The Adam Project’
(Credit: Dick Thomas Johnson)


5 Ryan Reynolds films to watch ahead of 'The Adam Project'

Besides engaging in friendly banter on Twitter with his wife, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds is often busy one-upping himself by adding iconic roles to his acting resume that boasts of hits like Deadpool, Buried, R.I.P.D and more. Reynolds’ versatility knows no bounds, from playing the wise-cracker crass-talking eponymous superhero in Deadpool to voicing the fast, bright-eyed snail in Turbo, this legend has done it all. 

After a very successful 2021, following the release of his blockbuster Netflix original, Red Notice, Reynolds is back with yet another film, produced by Shawn Levy. titled The Adam Project, this upcoming sci-fi time travel film will see Reynolds teaming up with Walker Scobell, Mark Ruffalo, Jennifer Garner, Zoe Saldana and others.

Ryan Reynolds will be playing the titular Adam who goes back in time to find his lost lover. He joins his past, younger self and together, they travel back even further to talk to their father who had tragically passed away. With a nostalgic tinge of Back to the Future, the film trailer promises unbridled goofs, teasing and hilarity between Reynolds and his younger self. 

Scheduled to release on Friday, March 11th, 2022, exclusively on Netflix, The Adam Project has already generated a lot of fan anticipation. Ahead of its release, here are some Ryan Reynolds films on Netflix that you can watch: 

Ryan Reynolds films to watch on Netflix ahead of ‘The Adam Project’

5. 6 Underground (Michael Bay, 2019)

Described by a goofy Reynolds as “the most Michael Bay movie that Michael Bay has ever Michael Bayed”, this $150million film focused on Reynolds as a billionaire who allegedly dies. However, in reality, he puts together a vigilante crew to defeat criminals and terrorists. 

This crew includes actors like Melanie Laurent, Ben Hardy, Dave Franco, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo and Adria Arjona, but even a star-studded film could not stop this Bay flick from being a somewhat disaster. However, the film trended for days on Twitter and amassed a huge revenue from the streamer, much to the delight of Michael Bay!  

4. Free Guy (Shawn Levy, 2021)

Starring Reynolds, Jodie Comer, Joe Keery and Taika Watiti, this 2021 action comedy sees Reynolds finding himself stuck in a multiplayer game where he partners with Comer, the girl of his dreams. However, fantasy and reality blend in together, having massive effects on Reynolds’ character who tries to race against time and find the nature of his existence in this brutal gaming world. 

Reynolds and Comer are both terrific in their individual roles. The whole idea is fresh and funny and feels like a video game version of the Jim Carrey film, The Truman Show. Reynolds’ frustration and desperation are palpable and he single-handedly transforms the film into a notable experience. 

3. Just Friends (Roger Kumble, 2005)

Dejected after being rejected, Chris Brander transforms from an overweight geek to a handsome and successful LA-based recording executive who is a notorious womaniser. A chance meeting with his high school crush who still insists on being “just friends” makes him overcome obstacles and find a more favourable response to his confession. 

Ryan Reynolds’ natural comedic talent is pretty natural and adds a certain kind of charm to his character. He carries the film forward single-handedly despite not having a strong supporting cast. He adds proper duality to his role and makes the film an overall enjoyable affair.  

2. Red Notice (Rawson Marshall Thurber, 2021)

Although the film received a mixed reception, Red Notice was one of the biggest films made by Netflix with the highest budget and garnered the streamer a massive revenue. Reigning supreme as the most-watched film ever since its release in November 2021, the film is now getting two back-to-back sequels, helmed by Thurber. 

Starring Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot, this heist mockbuster film saw the much-anticipated bromance between Deadpool and the Rock as they geared up to put up a fight against Wonder Woman. Filled with goofs and crazy antics, Reynolds’ crazy performance was a standout feature for the film. 

1. Safe House (Daniel Espinosa, 2012)

This film starred Reynolds as a former CIA agent who has to keep an eye on the rogue agent, Denzel Washington in a safe house. However, with an invasion from sinister mercenaries, Reynolds must escape with Washington and find themselves a safe hiding spot.  

Intense action and violence are abundant in the film that sees brilliant individual performances from the actors. However, the relationship between the duo remains untouched and unexplored, much to the chagrin of viewers. Reynolds delivers one of his best performances as the rookie officer when he unleashes his gritty side towards the end.