The best Ryan Reynolds Netflix films to watch ahead of ‘Red Notice’
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The best Ryan Reynolds Netflix films to watch ahead of 'Red Notice'

Besides engaging in friendly banter on Twitter with his wife, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds is often busy one-upping himself by adding iconic roles to his acting resume. Reynolds’ versatility knows no bounds, from playing the wise-cracker crass-talking eponymous superhero in Deadpool to voicing the fast, bright-eyed snail in Turbo

He will soon be seen in the Netflix film Red Notice– directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber- alongside Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot. Named as one of the “biggest movies” ever made by Netflix with a sky-high budget, it is a heist film that will see Reynolds and Johnson teaming up to defeat a badass Gadot. 

The film is scheduled for a November 12, 2021 premiere on the streaming platform and has generated quite the buzz given its star-studded ensemble, riveting premise and staggering budget. While the trailer already promises a goofy and funky side of Reynolds as a thief, ready to help Johnson’s FBI agent character to take down Godot, it will be exciting to watch the Rock and Deadpool clash against Wonder Woman. 

Here are the best Ryan Reynolds films on Netflix that you can watch in the meantime ahead of the release of Red Notice

Ryan Reynolds films to watch on Netflix ahead of Red Notice 

Definitely Maybe (Adam Brooks, 2008) 

Will Hayes’ 10-year-old daughter is desperate to find out the identity of her mother. She compels her father into telling her the stories of three different women in his life, leaving her to deduce who her birth mother is. These women range from his college sweetheart Emily, the fresh and chirpy April as well as the free-spirited journalist Summer. 

The film is a light-hearted and breezy romantic comedy and a refreshing change from the usual cliches. Starring Isla Fisher, the film sees Reynolds in the lead role as Will Hayes, whose charming demeanour and cheeky smile add fresh charm to the film, showing his goofy and passionate side.  

Just Friends (Roger Kumble, 2005)

Chris Brander takes rejection hard and transforms from an overweight, geeky teen into a successful, handsome, LA-based womanising recording executive. When he comes across his high school crush once again- who still insists on being “just friends”- he finds a chance to overcome obstacles and find a more favourable answer to his confession. 

Ryan Reynolds’ natural comedic talent is pretty natural and adds a certain kind of charm to his character. He carries the film forward single-handedly despite not having a strong supporting cast. He adds proper duality to his role and makes the film an overall enjoyable affair.  

Green Lantern (Martin Campbell, 2011) 

This was Reynolds’ first tryst with a superhero film prior to Deadpool that did not end well for him. He plays a test pilot who is bestowed with superhuman powers and the responsibility to defeat evil and save humanity from the brink of collapse. 

Although Reynolds himself poked fun at this film, calling it “the darkest crease in the anus of the universe”- this becoming a running gag- the film was very popular on Netflix recently, with a lot of people revisiting this cult favourite once again. Reynolds met his current wife Blake Lively via this film, and that was the best takeaway from the film, besides Campbell’s final realisation about his inability to produce superhero films! 

Safe House (Daniel Espinosa, 2012)

Starring Ryan Reynolds as a former CIA officer and Denzel Washington as an ex-CIA official pursuing his betrayal. The thriller sees Reynolds looking over the rogue agent in a safe house. When the house is invaded by mercenaries with ill intentions, Reynolds must escape with Washington to look for a safe hiding spot.

While the film boasts of action with an oomph of violence and energy and riveting combat scenes, the film seems to have underplayed the brilliant dynamic between Reynolds and Washington that remained nearly untouched and unexplored. Reynolds is roughed up by the end of the film, unleashing his gritty side as an element of surprise, delivering one of his best performances as the rookie officer.