Jason Bateman is open to the idea of some more ‘Ozark’
(Credit: Netflix)

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Jason Bateman is open to the idea of some more ‘Ozark’

Netflix’s popular crime drama Ozark has come to an end with its fourth and final season which was released on April 29th, 2022. However, Jason Bateman is not opposed to the idea or possibility of bringing back the show to provide more insight into the Byrde family. 

Helmed by Chris Mundy, Ozark ended with an explosive, bittersweet finale. While Ruth Langmore’s death was not very surprising, the Byrde family’s survival was pretty shocking as fans were expecting any one of the Byrdes to fall into an eternal slumber after their escapades on the show. 

Although many would not have minded an inevitable downfall of the Byrde family in the fourth season, Mundy argued that their survival acted as an eventual resilience to the capitalism garnered by the drug cartels and the criminal underbelly. 

While Mundy has been pretty firm about season four being the last season for the show, the creator has not denied the possibility of a potential spin-off, which “would be its own distinct thing.”
However, Jason Bateman, who is seen as the Byrde family patriarch, Marty, and acted as a director on several episodes, seems pretty intrigued by the idea to return for another season. 

“Any job or work environment that was positive, and where you loved the people you were working with and you loved the product you were creating, you’d love to return to it,” Bateman stated.

He added, “It’s hard to maintain something that is really pleasurable all the time. And we had that with Ozark. So I’d do it again in a second, because what we had just doesn’t happen often.”

Created by Mark Williams and Bill Dubuque, also starring Laura Linney, Sofia Hublitz, Julia Garner and others, Ozark’s engaging and intense premise has amassed the show a massive fan following who would be delighted if the creators decided to make a return.