‘Ozark’ actor Jason Bateman says daughter feels “weird” to see him on camera
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‘Ozark’ actor Jason Bateman says daughter feels "weird" to see him on camera

If you are wondering what Jason Bateman is doing now that the fan-favourite Netflix show Ozark has come to an end after four riveting seasons, the doting father is rewatching the show with his teenage daughter who has never watched Ozark before. 

As a part of the cast in Entertainment Weekly’s Around the Table, Bateman confessed how he has not seen the show for “five years”. Talking about his daughter, he said, “she’s never seen the show.” 

He added, “Last night and the night before, my 15-year-old daughter and I sat and watched episode one and episode two of the show.”

It is understandable why his daughter has not yet watched Ozark given the gruesome violence and bloodshed the episodes contain. Bateman is, however, quite welcome to indulge his daughter in bingeing one of his darker projects. Bateman was previously seen in more comedic roles in titles like Arrested Development, Paul, Juno etc. 

Talking about how it is “weird” for his daughter to see him on camera, Bateman joked, “She’s never seen anything I’ve ever done because, you know, if you’ve got kids they usually give it up for everybody except you.”

He added, “For some reason, she finally decided to watch Ozark.”

On April 29th, 2022, the show released the second volume of the fourth and final season, bringing the epic crime drama to an end. However, the finale has received the lowest ratings in the history of the show from the audience despite the second volume being gritty and intense. 

Starring Bateman, Julia Garner and Laura Linney among others, the finale is a great guessing game that is a twisted, bittersweet farewell true to the ethos of the very show. 

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