5 behind-the-scenes secrets from Netflix’s ‘Ozark’
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5 behind-the-scenes secrets from Netflix’s 'Ozark'

With an epic and nerve-wracking fourth and final season, the fan-favourite crime drama series Ozark has come to an end on Netflix on April 29th, 2022. 

Since its premiere in 2017, the show has won around 32 Emmy nominations, winning Bateman Best Director Award and Garner two Best Supporting Actress Awards. Starring Jason Bateman, Laura Linney, Julia Garner, Sofia Hublitz, Charlie Tahan, Skylar Gaertner, Felix Solis and Janet McTeer, this seven-episode series also featured Killer Mike as an additional cast member.   

With a brutal fourth season, the show stayed true to its reputation of resorting to gory shock value and atmospheric tension within the narrative. Visibly uncomfortable yet addictive, the series abounds in rug wars, cartel rivalries, gruesome violence, and fast-paced action, with an underlying commentary about the ethics of family, morality and human integrity. 

While Ozark has come to an end, here we present five behind-the-scenes secrets about the show that you might not have known: 

5 behind-the-scenes secrets from Netflix’s ‘Ozark’ 

Ozark was never shot in the Ozarks 

Bill Dubuque spent a lot of time in the Ozarks as a teen and derived inspiration from the iconic marina and resort. Determined to share the experience with others, he decided to set the premise of the show in the Ozarks. He was mainly inspired by the Alhonna Resort in the Ozarks.

However, the show has not been filmed in Ozark; the showrunners only used exterior shots to establish the premise. Ozark is mostly filmed in Atlanta, Georgia, and many scenes are filmed near Lake Lanier and Lake Allatoona. While some scenes are filmed in the Eagle Rock Studios in Atlanta, the Byrde family home is located near Lake Lanier.  

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Jason Bateman never came to act 

When Jason Bateman joined Ozark, he was not seeking an acting job. He was supposed to direct all the episodes for the first season of the show as he was keen to direct a dramatic series. Bateman, who is more known for his comedy roles, was soon drawn in by the layered character of Marty Byrde. 

Stepping out of his comfort zone, he filled in the complex shoes of Marty Byrde extremely well. Starring as the lead protagonist, he even went on to direct some episodes, namely four episodes in the first season. Bateman made the role of Marty Byrde, the flawed family man, extremely realistic, human and iconic. 

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The showrunner now knows how to launder money 

The showrunners wanted to make the experience as authentic for the audience as possible and went to extreme lengths to achieve the same. Extremely particular about the minute details, the Ozark team spoke to a real FBI agent to derive inspiration from her experiences with money laundering and other forms of crime. 

The FBI agent has been a valuable source of information for them over the four seasons, making the sequences more realistic and unnerving. 

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Laura Linney joined because of Bateman 

We could have almost not seen Laura Linney as the incredibly cunning, Lady Macbeth-like Wendy Byrde had Jason Bateman not joined the show. Once he was on board the cast, a sting of talented cast members agreed to be on the show including Laura Linney who agreed just because she would get to star opposite Bateman. 

Linney is a well-known figure in television. Prior to filming Ozark, the talented actress was reportedly looking to do more films instead of TV shows. However, after considering the scope of her role and the opportunity to play such a layered character opposite an actor of Bateman’s stature, Linney agreed to be a part of the show, thus resulting in an epic four-season run. She also did not want her character to be like a normal housewife and helped shape her character throughout the series, making Wendy Byrde way more complicated, compelling and scary. 

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The final season was shot in over 40 locations

The final season of Ozark was an epic ride. With 14 episodes being released in two distinct volumes, the show brought a brilliant and bittersweet ending to the Byrde family saga. 

While the finale had a lot of gory and brutal moments, fans will be surprised to know that the entire season was filmed in over 40 different locations. These were locations scattered all across the United States and added a distinct character to the final season.