The five best-animated shows on Netflix right now
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The five best-animated shows on Netflix right now

Animation as a genre has changed drastically over time. From hand-made artworks placed consecutively to create visual imagery unlike anything seen before to the latest Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse which uses high-tech computers to create digital masterpieces. The leap has been drastic.

Especially if one wonders how the first feature film called Snowhite and the seven dwarves had over seventy thousand cells to create one final product. Or how Toy Story was the first ever feature film made with CGI (Computer-generated imagery). The growth within the CGI industry has also been exponential. Similar to the growth of animated shows.

We have reached a time in the journey of animation where the visual product of such works fully focussed on its post-production are capable of delivering without any limits. The classic shows that changed the face of the genre include Love Death + Robots, Bojack Horseman, Rick and Morty, and Big Mouth. However, these aren’t the only shows that have challenged the habit of cutification within the genre. 

Netflix has its very own production team set to make leaps and bounds within this budding multi-million dollar industry itself. One of its biggest hits will always remain the continued success of the show Midnight Gospel which adds a mind-bending sci-fi angle to what was a genre only directed to children once.

Animation has grown into a genre for all ages and Best of Netflix is here to provide you with a list of the best shows within the streamer that you can tune into right now! 

Five best-animated shows on Netflix right now

5. Hilda (2018)

This supernatural animated series is a subversive and beautiful graphic novel series highlighting how a child experiences the grandness of the world. The story revolves around a fearless Hilda portrayed by Bella Ramsey who is travelling through the open world. From scary wildlands filled with elves to cities bustling with chaos. Hilda sees it all whilst making new friends and exploring creatures. 

Pertaining its innocence throughout the show, the series focuses on how a child perceives the dangerous, beautiful, yet chaotic world all at once. Highlights how the characters are flawed but also acknowledges the difference between right and wrong. With its roots based in Scandinavian mythology, Hilda is a beautiful tale of a child discovering the world of wonders. Catch the show currently streaming on Netflix here.

4. Blood of Zeus (2020)

This animated series is quite a contrasting one to the former. Blood of Zeus traverses around the life of the illegitimate son of Zeus called Heron, who battles against all odds to save his home and heaven. Heron, played by Derek Phillips faces a number of barriers on his way to doing so. From interferences by the immortals to a vengeful goddess’s wrath. The pack of monstrous forces unleashed on this demi-god. 

Viewers have been devoted to the show all through the years. Previously known as Gods and Heroes, Blood of Zeus has been a one-hit wonder since it came out in the pandemic-stricken year of 2020. However, the show continues to hit the top ten charts quite frequently. Judging by the success, the show has been renewed for a season 2 only towards the end of last year. We see Zeus and Hera for what they really stand for. A show such as itself did a remarkable job of depicting what feels like a missing page from the Greek mythos. 

Catch this show currently streaming on Netflix here!

3. Cyberpunk Edgerunners (2022)

The era of game stories bleeding into the industry is here and with that viewers and gamers, both warmly welcomed one of the newest addition to the family, Cyberpunk Edgerunners. Ranging from bright and vibrant visuals to highlighting a sub-culture of eclectic palettes, the show exceeded all expectations.

Based in the world of the game ‘Cyberpunk 2077’, the show revolves around the story of a particular character called David Martinez (Kenn) who thrives to survive in a world obsessed with hyper-tech cyborg modifications. A must-watch for all regardless of whether one has played the game or not. The show gives all kinds of futuristics and visuals breathtaking enough to die for. One thing is for certain, if you haven’t played the game before watching the series, this will make you do it! 

Catch Cyberpunk: Edgrerunners here on Netflix!

2. Inside Job (2021)

An adult cartoon series following the life of an anti-social character who is also a boisterous genius called Reagan Ridley. Ridley and her team are solely responsible for hiding all of the world’s deepest darkest secrets. From lizard people to a range of controversies that only seem like opinions being shot aimlessly towards the world are in fact reality in this CGI series. 

Created by Shion Takeuchi,  creates a world where all kinds of thoughts and craziness are legitimised. All of the characters including the dysfunctional team are filled with likeable characters of different natures. The show is flamboyant, and funny, and rides close to similar series like Rick and Morty and Final Space. Inside Job only recently released a second season and people have not stopped obsessing over it however, that hasn’t stopped the series from being cancelled.

Catch the latest season of Inside Job currently streaming on Netflix here!

1. Arcane (2021)

Based on characters from the decade-old game League of Legends, Arcane focuses on the story of two sisters. Arcane revolves around Vi and Jinx, sisters from Zaun, the undercity that has always remained oppressed by the utopian Piltover. The story explores the world of the league and offers insights into some of the people’s favourite characters. The plot along with the visuals and the characters did so well that it is one of the very few animated series to achieve a stunning 9/10 on IMDb.

One thing that easily fits the show at the top of this list is its tenacity to keep one glued to the edge of their seats. The tension and intensity with which every episode hits make viewers feel a range of ten emotions all at once. From an animation style unlike anything seen before to the use of bold colours and action-driven scenes. You will never guess what happens at every next turn. From loss to frustration, angst to anger, emotions in visuals have never been portrayed with the same assertiveness before. 

Watch Arcane currently streaming on Netflix here!