Shows to watch if you loved ‘BoJack Horseman’
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Shows to watch if you loved 'BoJack Horseman'

There is a certain finesse in choice when it comes to dark comedies. Bojack Horseman is a one-of-a-kind example of this genre. At first glance, it looks rather gimmicky, with its childish animation and world of speaking animals. But just like an onion, the show can be broken down into layers. These layers speak volumes of nihilist existentialism.

The show searches for the meaning of existing through its characters, who are all struggling to get by. The black comedy-drama television series created by Raphael Bob-Waksberg is a marvel of its era. 

If you have just finished a marathon of the Bojack Horseman or suffer silently in nostalgia, hoping it comes back, you need a rebound. As well-written as the show was, it is highly impossible for the network to bring it back after a beautiful ending. So what to do now that there is no more Bojack Horseman in our lives?

Don’t you worry! If you find yourself scrolling through the plethora of shows on Netflix to find something similar, you have reached your destination. Best of Netflix has curated a list of three shows that will give you the same joy of spectatorship.

The show that we are looking for must contain an all-encompassing emotional journey, just like Bojack. Let’s dive in! 

Three shows to watch if you loved Bojack Horseman

Inside Job

An animated series based in 2021, Inside Job, follows the story of an anti-social genius Reagan Ridley (Lizzy Caplan). Let’s call this a mix between Bojack Horseman and Rick and Morty. She uses her dysfunctional team system of work to hide several conspiracies around the world. Categorising itself under the adult animated sci-fi series, this tv series created by Shion Takeuchi premiered on October 22nd, 2021.  

Interestingly enough, this is a workspace comedy like The Office. Yet the plot twist develops when we quickly realise that most conspiracy theories truly exist in this world. Centred around an American undercover government organization that attempts to keep things that shouldn’t be public knowledge under the covers. 

Check out Inside Job‘s season one here on Netflix. Watch the trailer to be really convinced!


Yet another animated satirical fantasy sitcom created by Matt Groening exclusively for Netflix. The same person who created The Simpsons and Futurama for the Fox Broadcasting Co. The show is set in the medieval European kingdom of Dreamland. The series follows the story of Bean (Abbi Jacobson). Bean is similar to Bojack in a lot of ways. Ways include being an alcoholic and rebellious individual. She is a princess with an elf companion called Elfo (Nat Fazon). She is also accompanied by her destructive but caring “personal demon” called Luci (Eric Andre). The plot itself feels ironic. 

The show devices clever characters and a rather colossal animation. Just like Bojack, there is a certain development of both the script and the characters through the seasons. If you are looking for a rebound, this is it. Hop on this ride full of the alcoholic princess’s misadventures through sparky humour lands and gorgeous sets. Give this Groening-helmed show a genuine shot, and you will surely end up in a disenchanted land! 

Watch Disenchantment’s first season here on Netflix. Find the trailer here!

Close Enough 

Not as popular as the others, Close Enough is a new and budding animated sitcom based on a married couple’s life. The trajectory follows the journey of some new challenges faced by the couple as they transition into their 30s from their 20s. These challenges include their friends crashing at their place and struggles revolving around raising a daughter. 

The couple, Josh (J. G. Quintel) and Emily (Gabrielle Walsh) live with their daughter, Candice, in a Los Angeles duplex along with their divorced friends called Alex (Jason Matzoukas) and Bridgette (Kimilo Glen). Almost like Todd (Aaron Paul) ending up with Bojack if you really think of drawing similarities. Watch them always finding a way into sci-fi-esque misadventures, but with a surrealist take. 

Watch Close Enough on Netflix here. Want to know more before giving it a shot? Find the official trailer here!