The new trailer for ‘Big mouth’ season six is here
(Credit: Netflix)

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The new trailer for 'Big mouth' season six is here

Created by Gabe Liedman and Nick Kroll in 2017, Netflix’s Big Mouth recently dethroned the highest-grossing series Squid Game, and You season three to become the most popular show on Netflix US with its sixth season arriving on the streaming platform shortly.

Now, the brand new trailer for the puberty-driven animation has arrived, and it is as wild and wonderful as ever, featuring a Mama Mia adjacent paternity test, Maurice the Hormone Monster pregnant and a whole host of our favourite characters in new uncompromising positions.

A raunchy coming-of-age comedy show, Big Mouth explores a variety of themes relevant to the struggles in this journey of self-acceptance. It deftly deals with the various issues middle-schoolers get entangled in; horny classmates, masturbation, menstruation, unannounced erections, personal drama, social media addiction, domestic disturbances, mood swings, academic and peer pressure — the complete, awkward set.

With puberty being personified into monsters, the show focuses on a group of teenagers who are overwhelmed by the onslaught of adolescence and raging hormones that lead to various emotional and physical changes. With the alienation and disconnect they feel from their bodies along with the pangs of young love and other urges, the relatability of the show reaches its zenith. 

The series has been a smash hit as it explores some of the most difficult moments of all our childhoods. The fun returns on October 28th as season six arrives on Netflix.