What makes ‘Love Death + Robots’ so sensational
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What makes 'Love Death + Robots' so sensational

Love Death + Robots is a contemporary take on an adult animated anthology created by Tim Miller and David Fincher. The same David Fincher who created Se7en, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and produced Mindhunter. A thriller and horror creative god, if you may.

The show is comprised of a compilation of unique worlds revolving around the themes of love, death, and robots. All these episodes are connected with respect to dark comedy and wicked surprises. Season 3 of the show was released on May 20th, 2022, with nine episodes, out of which one was a sequel to an older episode called ‘Three Robots’. Now onto the good news: this masterpiece of a series has been renewed for another season by Netflix. 

With each episode being less than half an hour, the show has created a dedicated audience base. Not only because one does not have to dedicate hours to fall in love with it but the sheer brilliance that progressive animation brings to it. The lack of the volume of episodes released in this season is made up for by the strength of its plots and incredible craftsmanship with CGI. We can call this series a modern television marvel. 

Each episode feels like an entire movie itself. With its own world, characters, plot, and type of animation, the show has excelled all expectations and continues to build on its unremarkable journey. Although the show encompasses themes revolving around love, death and robots, the show is truly a metaphor for humanity.

Like in the last short titled Jibaro, the story of the deaf knight’s obsession with a singing woman upholds the toxic nature of what humans often mistake to be ‘love’. How the short acts as a metaphor for not only the scarcity when it comes to love but also the deep-seated greed in human nature. Here is a snippet of the CGI masterpiece.

Similarly, one of the lesser extravagant episodes includes the one with the rats called ‘Mason’s Rats’, episode seven. Where Scotland is hit with a ‘Ratpocalyspe’, and Mason takes drastic steps to deal with this mutated generation of rodents. However, the brutality of human measures to fight it turns him against his own instead. It highlights the brutality with which humans deal with what they call a ‘glitch’ in society and how at the same time, empathy wins the battle. Watch the episode here.

Another breathtaking episode called ‘Swarm’, episode six, is a story based on the philosophy of a distant frontier. The story follows the study of two post-human scientists based in the swarm, what they thought was a mindless insectoid race. The hive’s main source of food is various strains of nutrient-rich fungi.

Once Dr Afriel (one of the scientists) speaks his truth about why he moved to the swarm, to try and exploit the hive to validate rapid human expansion, something dark takes over. They are corrected as the swarm fights anything that comes in her way of expansion. Does the philosophy of swarm sound familiar? The self-sustaining nature of Swarm mirrors the function of the planet that we live on. Watch the episode here to find out what happens! 

The thematically rich shorts present us with a number of impressive events that seem unlikely now but are truly an implication of the world. Each episode has its own framework where humanity can find itself. Love Death + Robots will continue to remain of the most sensational animated series in our times, and we are lucky to live through its production phase. The show is nothing less than a chef-d’oeuvre and this season seems like a step in the right direction. 

Watch the newest season here. Check out the trailer for season 3 here!