The five best thrillers to watch on Netflix right now
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The five best thrillers to watch on Netflix right now

Unlike light-hearted romedy movies, thrillers require quite a lot from the spectators. Looking for an easy evening watch? This genre is probably not your stop. Being a proud member of the cinephile community, I can assure you that films, in general, are a dreamy delight for me. But thrillers are a whole different ball game.

It gives you the perfect buffet and a small plate filled with all different elements from different genres but makes it an intense one. Let’s be honest, it really is the thrillers-any-day fan club winning at the moment. Fear of horror, the rush from action sequences, the intensity of a romance, you can get it all. 

Thanks to Netflix, we get a wide variety of films to choose from on a particular art-inspired evening. From ‘Nightcrawler’ to ‘Se7en’ to the very new ‘The Devil All The Time’. The streamer has managed to cover all grounds, from old to new. This genre’s involvement in all the overlapping sub-genres makes it the most interesting. Several tales of excitement, conflict, suspense, and definitely the most unexpected turns.

As I mentioned before, this genre definitely calls for active spectatorship. To delve into the high realms of melodrama, you cannot bat an eye from the action on-screen. Do you know when to navigate the edge of your seat? The day is today! Check out this curated list of the 5 best thrillers to watch on Netflix right now! 

The five best thrillers to watch on Netflix right now

5. Bird Box (2018) 

A very interesting post-apocalyptic horror thriller movie directed by Susanne Bier. The film is written by Eric Heisserer and is based on the novel by Josh Malerman, starring one of our favourites, Sandra Bullock. The most interesting aspect of this film is that the monster in the film is never revealed.

The plot is based on this mysterious force which decimates the population, the only thing to maintain is the lack of eye contact. If you see this force, you die. Watch a woman’s and her children’s journey as they embark on their journey through the dangerous woods down a river to search for life beyond their closed group. Will they be able to cover the journey blindfolded? 

4. The Perfection (2018)

What is the video graphic personification of the insane? The Perfection. When it comes to thrillers, this masterpiece fits right in like a glove. If you are in search of a rather out-of-the-box plot, you have reached your destination. Charlotte (Allison Williams), a musical prodigy, returns to this highly esteemed music school that she had previously been a student of. As she returns, she finds her replacement, Lizzie (Logan Browning).

Follow them on their sinister journey to reclaim what was taken from them. Viewers popularly describe this film as violent, gory, and definitely a prestigious member of the horror-thriller group. Presented with quite uncomfortable and unusual visuals. 

3. Nightcrawler (2014)

In a rather unusual plot, Louis Bloom (Jake Gyllenhaal) is a rather notorious, driven and desperate individual. Most importantly, a former petty thief realises that he can make a good amount of money by capturing pictures of crime scenes. This eventually makes him go to extreme tactics to get them. This American neo-noir psychological thriller is both written and directed by Dan Gilroy, his debut in both fields.

Explore realms of psychopaths and sociopaths with this dark and mysterious thriller. Critics claim Gyllenhaal gave one of the best performances of his life. 

2. Hush (2016) 

Probably my number off of all its kinds, ‘Hush’ was directed by Mike Flanagan and created in the year 2016. Starring the extremely talented Kate Siegel as Maddie. Both the former mentioned were auteurs of the story. The dark plot follows the story of the protagonist, Maddie, who is a deaf and mute writer.

She left city life to escape the fast-paced lifestyle and resorted to the woods to continue writing her novel, which she was about to finish. One evening she finds herself becoming prey to a sadistic killer who likes to torture his victims or, in other words, ‘likes the chase.’ Find out how this one night unravels and whether Maddie ever made out of this maze. 

1. Operation Micemeat (2022) 

This film is based on true events and is categorised under historical drama thrillers directed by John Madden. Based on Ben Macintyre’s book on the specialised British Operation Mincemeat. This operation commenced during the second world war.

A tense historical war drama starring the legendary actor Colin Firth as Ewen Montagu and Matthew Macfadyen as Charles Cholmondeley. The powerful duo are the two intelligence operatives who try and use a dead body with the hope of distracting the masses from the attack by Allies in Sicily. They come across all kinds of problems one can imagine while executing and concocting this plan.

If you are a history lover like me; this is exactly what you need to log out of the world for a solid 128 minutes. Check out the trailer now!