‘Mindhunter’ director David Fincher directs a short on ‘Love, Death+Robots’ season 3
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‘Mindhunter’ director David Fincher directs a short on ‘Love, Death+Robots’ season 3

Netflix have released the official trailer for the third season of their sci-fi series Love, Death+Robots. The intriguing clip promises the start of something new and exciting, albeit ominous.

Since its inception, David Fincher has been the show’s executive producer. For the upcoming series, he has directed an animated short, marking his return to episodic directing. Love, Death+Robots was created by Tim Miller and is considered the perfect successor to Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror. So far, the programme has two seasons to its name, which boasts an abundance of gore, violence, and sexual undertones which add a sinister feel to its outlandish dystopian premise. 

From robot invasions to other kinds of crazy cataclysmic events, the episodes are rife with socio-political commentaries with wide-ranging themes, including feminism, capitalism, revenge, poverty, friendship, and love. If you’re a sci-fi and cyberpunk aficionado, then Love, Death+Robots is the show for you. 

Meanwhile, Fincher has left fans hanging following the end of the second season of Mindhunter. Although Fincher has shattered hopes of a new series and confirmed the show has ended.  

However, he will join nine other acclaimed directors to create ten new stories for the upcoming season of Love, Death+Robots. Other filmmakers taking part include Oscar-winner Alberto Mieglo, Emily Dean, Jerome Chen, Carlos Stevens, Patrick Osborne, Jennifer Yuh Nelson, Emily Dean, Andy Lyon and Robert Bisi. 

Love, Death+Robots season three will stream on Netflix on May 20th, 2022. 

Watch the trailer below.