Netflix’s ‘Mindhunter’ director wants fans to bring back season 3
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Netflix’s 'Mindhunter' director wants fans to bring back season 3

Fans went into a state of frenzy after it was announced that David Fincher is working on a secret project with Netflix. Audiences have been speculating a possible third season for Mindhunter that ended with a burning cliffhanger back in 2019 might initially be the venture at hand.  

However, it was soon confirmed that the director who is busy with his other projects is not returning to Mindhunter any soon and is, instead, developing a new series of documentary essays that celebrate cinema via the creative ingenuity of modern masters. An ardent lover of cinema, it is Fincher’s homage to films. 

Although The Social Network, Fight Club and Zodiac director is not returning to be a part of the project anytime soon, one of the directors of the FBI show, Asif Kapadia, has requested the fans to do something to help bring back the critically-acclaimed title. 

The British filmmaker, known for Amy and Senna, recently took to Twitter to talk about how the show can be revived from the third season. Since social media has an everlasting influence these days, social media decisions might influence changes. 

He took to Twitter to request the audience to create “enough noise” to spark “real interest and demand” for the third season. According to him, audience interests would help resuscitate the show. 

Starring Jonathan Groff, Anna Torv and Hoyt McCallany, the show was a fan favourite and presented a cerebral portrait of various murderers including Ed Kemp, Charles Manson, David Berkowitz etc. 

Mindhunter’s riveting storyline ventured into the criminal psyche to explore the wondrous minds of serial killers, and their motivation. FBI agents Holden Ford and Bill Trench investigated grizzly murders while trying to uncover the secrets of the criminal mind.

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