The 10 most popular films on Netflix this week: April 2022
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The 10 most popular films on Netflix this week: April 2022

Each week we will bring you the ten most popular Netflix films across the globe as we aim always to provide the very Best of Netflix. In the final week of April 2022, some relatively newer releases have taken over the charts. 

Concentrating solely on the week that has just passed, we bring you the ten most popular films on Netflix, with millions of hours streamed as a handy indicator for what everyone will be talking about in the office and at home.

Shawn Levy’s sci-fi time travel flick The Adam Project has occupied the top 10 charts for the seventh week in a row. Starring Ryan Reynolds, Mark Ruffalo, Jennifer Garner, Zoe Saldana and Walker Scobell, the film is now in the sixth position and has been streamed for a little over 7.4 million hours. 

Shrek, too, has been on the list for the sixth time, having been viewed for a little more than 5.3 million hours. 

Sex Education actor Asa Butterfield’s latest horror stint Choose Or Die is reigning in the top spot for two weeks in a row with a watch time of 15.26 million hours. Also starring Iola Evans, the film is like a deadly cross between Truth or Dare and Black Mirror where a terrifying old game from the 80s unleashes madness and terror. 

It is followed by Joey King’s soulful and haunting rom-com The In Between which has been viewed for 13 million hours and has been on the chart for nearly three weeks. A delicate exploration of love, loss and grief, the film sees KIng struggle with her boyfriend’s death while trying to establish her connection with the afterworld to get some closure.

The recent release White Hot: The Rise & Fall of Abercrombie & Fitch explores the brand’s position in pop culture for years before its steady decline due to the idea of mutual exclusion.

It is closely followed by a 2018 release How It Ends that stars Kat Graham, Forest Whitaker and Theo James, as it chronicles a man’s undying struggle to reunite with his pregnant wife during an apocalypse.  

Here is the full list of the 10 most popular films on Netflix this week in April:

Netflix’s 10 most popular films this week:

  1. Choose or Die 
  2. The In Between 
  3. White Hot: The Rise & Fall of Abercrombie & Fitch 
  4. How It Ends 
  5. Yakuza Princess 
  6. The Adam Project 
  7. Playing With Fire 
  8. The Vault 
  9. Shrek
  10. Cleaner