Everything we know about the new Joey King Netflix film ‘Uglies’
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Everything we know about the new Joey King Netflix film 'Uglies'

Netflix has been venturing thoroughly into the world of young adult fantasy adaptations following its successful stint with Shadow & Bone, its latest project includes Joey ing in the upcoming film named Uglies

Directed by McG, known for having directed films like Charlie’s Angels, The Babysitter, Terminator Salvation and more, the film is based on Scott Westerfield’s novel of the same name. King, who is a fan of his novel series, is reportedly pretty excited to be a part of this project.

The screenplay will be adapted by Emmy-nominated writers Vanessa Taylor and Krista Vernoff. Taylor is known for her work on Game of Thrones, Shape of Water and Divergent while Vernoff has been applauded for her incredible contribution to Grey’s Anatomy, Charmed and Shameless

Here, at Best of Netflix, ahead of the film’s release, here is everything we need to know about the film: 

Everything we know about the new Joey King Netflix film Uglies 

What is the film all about? 

The film will be based on a screenplay adaptation of Scott Westerfield’s eponymous 2005 novel that went on to become an international bestseller, followed by various sequels. 

The film will be based in a world that believes in certain beauty standards with a compulsory procedure that has to be done at 16 to get rid of imperfections to make everyone pretty. 

Joey King will most likely star as Tally, who is about to turn 16 and cannot wait to transform into a spectacularly beautiful and attractive woman who will have unbridled fun. 

However, her best friend Shay is opposed to such beauty standards and does not want to conform to this world. After she elopes, Tally is faced with the brutal and ugly side of the world where she has to make a difficult and life-changing choice of choosing between apparent beauty and friendship. 

Who are the cast members in the film? 

Besides Joey King who will most likely be a lead character in the show, Brianne Tju, Chase Stokes and Keith powers have been confirmed to star in the film in yet-to-be declared roles. 

King, who is a pretty popular face in the film industry, has recently starred in The Kissing Booth franchise as Elle who tries to strike a balance between friendship and love while navigating through high school. She also won an Emmy nomination for her brilliant performance in The Act

What is the current status of production? 

According to various sources, the film will have commenced production in October this year and will continue till the beginning of next year, most likely January 2022. 

When is it expected to be released? 

Although Netflix has not yet announced an official date of release, the film can be expected to be released by mid or later half of next year.