It’s time to watch Netflix’s stylish cult thriller, ‘The Babysitter’ yet again!
(Credit: Netflix)


It's time to watch Netflix’s stylish cult thriller, 'The Babysitter' yet again!

Netflix has a variety of cult slasher thrillers that range from being raunchy and cheesy to pretty darn scary! From old classics to new releases, there is a wide range of films that one can choose from. However, one such Netflix cult slasher thriller has a stellar line-up and is fun, madness, gore, and chaos galore. 

Yes, we are talking about the 2017 film The Babysitter! Directed by McG, well-known for Charlie’s Angels; the film is set in contemporary times with a ‘70s aesthetic, paying tribute to the classic slasher era and stars Judah Lewis and Samara Weaving in lead roles. 

The protagonist Cole is the quintessential scrawny loser who gets bullied incessantly. His overprotective parents leave him under the supervision of a terribly attractive, leggy blonde neighbour named Bee, who is, according to Cole, extremely funny and cool. 

Bee and Cole have a seemingly great friendship. However, she has a dark side that Cole stumbles upon way past his bedtime when he discovers her to be a part of a Satan-worshipping cult. What ensues from there is pure chaos! 

Cole sees a boy stabbed in the head; he sees Bella Thorne mourn a gunshot that would leave behind “ugly deflated boobs”, he sees them bathing in innocent blood and escapes the cultists using ingenious methods of setting up clever booby traps. 

The booby traps will remind you of Kevin McCallister from Home Alone, making you wonder how a group of dangerous Satanists end up getting caught in those on earth. Despite the various cliches, it is well-stylized and shot in a wonderfully fresh manner. 

With Bee thirsting to seek revenge, the film premise is ridiculously funny and commendable. It is something that is perhaps the best watch for a film night with friends where the humour and scare go hand in hand. 

Terrifying yet hilarious, the film has its harebrained moments, which make The Babysitter a worthy, nicely stylized cult slasher thriller worth your attention yet again!