Watch this forgotten Zack Snyder superhero feature film on Netflix
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Watch this forgotten Zack Snyder superhero feature film on Netflix

After his brief stints at DC cinematic universe and Warner Brothers, Zack Snyder has become a household name. Known for films like Justice League, he also created quite the buzz on Netflix with his zombie heist film, Army of the Dead and its prequel, Army of Thieves. While neither basked in their cinematic brilliance, they were a visual delight. 

Ahead of the release of another addition to the franchise, namely Planet of the Dead, Snyder is gearing up for his upcoming sci-fi film, Rebel Moon. Initially meant to be a part of the Star Wars franchise, the upcoming movie is a star-studded affair that will be another incredible addition to the growing Snyderverse

Snyder made his superhero feature film debut in the DC universe with the 2009 film Watchmen. Starring Billy Crudup, Malin Akerman, Matthew Goode, Carla Gugino, Patrick Wilson and others, the film is based on Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ eponymous limited series based on a cult-favourite graphic novel of the same name. 

In this gloomy and dark deconstruction of the much-coveted genre, the film sees the union of some of the retired and jaded American superheroes during the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the United States. At the brink of a deadly conspiracy, they are forced to face their moral dilemmas, traumas and more while grappling with the looming threat. 

While the film is incredibly long, this critically acclaimed flick has garnered quite the love from fans upon its release and has now become a recent favourite among Netflix users yet again. 

Watch Watchmen on Netflix now.