One of Zack Snyder’s best films is now on Netflix
(Credit: Gage Skidmore)


One of Zack Snyder's best films is now on Netflix

After his successful DC Universe stint, Zack Snyder had a marvellous year working with Netflix, producing some of the highest-grossing zombie heist films on the streamer, namely Army of the Dead and Army of Thieves

This does not mark the end of the partnership between Netflix and the Justice League filmmaker as they have promised several other upcoming projects. However, there is one such Zack Snyder film that has been recently added to the streamer that remains one of his most celebrated films among dedicated fans. 

On January 1st, 2022, Netflix added the 2007 hit film 300 to its shelves. Based on Frank Miller and Lynn Varley’s comic book, 300 was Snyder’s second feature after his 2004 zombie film Dawn of the Dead

An instant hit, 300 had catapulted both Snyder and Gerard Butler’s careers into superstardom, gathering them a huge fan following. 15 years after its release, 300 still remains Snyder’s most popular film. 

This epic historical drama was based on the battle between Persia and Sparta as the courageous King Leonidas led forward his troop of only 300 soldiers against a huge Persian army. With various fantastical elements, riveting action and gruesome violence, the film became one of the most celebrated ones in the genre of historical fantasy. 

300 even sparked the production of a 2008 parody named Meet the Spartans that was hilariously criticised by fans of this epic. 

Besides Gerard Butler as King Leonidas, the film starred David Wenham, Lena Headey, Dominic West and others in various historical roles. The entire production process was tedious, and actors often complained how conforming to the comic book storyline often limited character growth. 

However, it was a huge success among fans, and Snyder was lauded for his incredible sophomore direction. The visual effects and sets added a touch of realism to the fantastical elements, making it a brilliant yet vicious cinematic experience. 

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