Watch the Korean series taking Netflix by storm
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Watch the Korean series taking Netflix by storm

With the Korean wave taking the world by storm, Korean TV shows have been reigning supreme on Netflix. The recent global popularity of these shows has caught the attention of Ted Sarandos, the CEO of Netflix who has agreed that successes can emanate from anywhere in the world. 

Hwang Dong-hyuk’s Squid Game has become the most popular show on Netflix since its release in September. The survival thriller series is a dystopian thriller set in modern-day Korea where desperation and frustration bring to the fore baser human instincts amidst its subtle and brilliant commentary on capitalism, hunger for power and money as well as class differences.

Squid Game has helped Netflix amass immense revenue as well and has also been praised by Jeff Bezos for their sympathetic yet deep understanding of human nature and the modern human condition.  

The Netflix Original mystery thriller starring Han So Hee My Name debuted this week and has already occupied one of the top ten spots on Netflix charts. It sees Han So Hee in a never-seen-before badass avatar, seeking vengeance for the tragic murder of her father. 

The romantic comedy show Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha has also occupied one of the top spots for nearly a fortnight. Following the popularity of K-Pop with bands like BTS achieving global success and Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite winning big at the Oscars, Korean culture has become a phenomenon. 

According to culture critic Gong Hee-Jeong, Korean content can become a “steady seller” given its immense popularity. 

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