Netflix’s ‘My Name’ actress names her creative influences
(Credit: Netflix)


Netflix’s 'My Name' actress names her creative influences

After the mind-boggling success of Squid Game, the Korean film industry is taking Netflix by storm with its latest action noir film My Name, starring Han So Hee in the lead. Having entered the top ten just a few days after its release, it has become an internationally recognised film with the actress crediting various international women to have influenced and inspired her in her preparation for the role. 

Directed by Kim Jin-min following his collaboration with Netflix on Extracurricular, the film deals with a woman named Jiwoo who takes up a job as an undercover cop to avenge the death of her father at the hands of a criminal underbelly. She becomes the snitch in the police force under the alias name and goes to extreme lengths to reach her goal while stumbling upon unwelcome truths. 

Starring Han So-Hee, Park Hee-Soon, Kim Sang-ho, Ahn Bo-Hyun and Lee Hak-Ju among others, and based on Kim Va-da’s screenplay, the film sees Han So Hee in a new, badass avatar. 

The actress has credited Scarlet Johansson’s character Black Widow as one of her greatest influences. She said that although the Marvel universe was different from the action noir genre, she derived inspiration from the “numerous action scenes” in the “numerous universes”. 

She also praised Charlize Theron and her role in the 2020 film The Old Guard and the 2017 film Atomic Blonde where the actress was extremely lithe and versatile in her respective roles. 

Han So-Hee said, “The female character-led action films were something that I watched a lot to prepare for this role.”   

Han So-Hee has performed all the difficult and demanding action sequences herself and looks compelling as the bloodthirsty Jiwoo, desperate for vengeance.

My Name was released on 15th October, 2021, and is now streaming on Netflix. Check out the trailer below: