Netflix show ‘Squid Game’ amasses huge revenue for the streamer
(Credit: Netflix)

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Netflix show 'Squid Game' amasses huge revenue for the streamer

Netflix’s Squid Game has gone on to become the streaming platform’s most popular show, amassing a massive revenue of $900 million as per internal data from Netflix’s charts. 

Directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk, this survival thriller series sees a group of participants fight it ou7t till death for whopping prize money of 45.6 billion Korean won while being under the searing supervision of a panoptic gaze.

A scathing commentary on capitalism, power dynamics, poverty, inequality and inequity, the series has garnered immense critical appreciation and a cult-like following, sparking various trends worldwide and infiltrating all corners of the cultural spectrum

It cost the streamer $21.4 million to produce the nine-episode series while they generated a whopping revenue of $900 million for Netflix which, if you were worried about the title’s short run, makes the possibility of a second season more likely. 

Previously, Bridgerton proudly held the title of being the most-streamed show with 82 million households having watched the show. However, Squid Game has a record of 132 million households streaming the series in the first month of its release. 

It is also the first Korean show to make such a huge breakthrough in the Western industry, taking over most shows on Netflix’s popularity charts.

The popularity of the show has even sparked an interest in the Korean language and people have started learning the language to be able to grasp the concept better. 

Even Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon Inc., expressed his admiration for the show, calling it “impressive and inspiring”, indicating how Netflix’s arch-nemesis Amazon Prime could take a nugget of advice or two from the streamer to create such shows.