‘Sex Education’ star Gillian Anderson signs exclusive Netflix deal
(Credit: Gage Skidmore)

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‘Sex Education’ star Gillian Anderson signs exclusive Netflix deal

After her brilliant and distinguished performances in shows like Sex Education and The Crown, Gillian Anderson is a popular figure to Netflix viewers. The actress has now signed an exclusive first-look deal with the streamer that will facilitate her to appear in many other projects. 

For the next two years, the two-time Emmy winning star will be giving Netflix a first look at the projects she develops through her production company Fiddlehead Productions, serving as both the actress and the executive producer. 

Anderson has a soft spot for the streamer and called Netflix “an inspiring and supportive home for much of my recent work, so I am excited to partner with them for the television projects I am currently developing.”

“Thrilled to announce [their] collaboration”, Anderson highlighted their “shared passion for progressive, compelling and engaging stories”. 

The Vice President of Netflix UK shows, Anne Mensah, echoed Anderson’s sentiments by expressing her joy and excitement at the prospect of working closely with the actress. 

She said, “Her success at Netflix – from Sex Education to her singular portrayal of Margaret Thatcher in The Crown – is second to none, and we look forward to launching shows with her as an actress and executive producer.”

In the fourth season of Peter Morgan’s popular Emmy-winning show The Crown, Anderson played the role of the former British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. She won various awards for her incredible performance, including the Emmy, SAG, Critics Choice and Golden Globe. Currently, the sixth and final season of the show is in production, while fans eagerly await the arrival of the fifth season sometime in November 2022. 

In Sex Education, Anderson plays Dr Jean Milburn, Otis’ mother and a sex therapist. After three successful seasons, the show will be back soon for a fourth season run

Recently, Anderson starred as Eleanor Roosevelt alongside Viola Davis’ Michelle Obama and Michelle Pfeiffer’s Betty Ford in the political drama show The First Lady

In 2022, she will be seen in another Netflix project with Christian Bale, titled The Pale Blue Eye, a detective thriller about the United States Military Academy campus murders.