‘The Crown’ producer confirms that season six will be the last
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'The Crown' producer confirms that season six will be the last

The Crown has been a huge success for all involved, from the esteemed actors involved, such as Olivia Colman and Gillian Anderson, to the showrunners and producers. Netflix has held on to the crown jewel for some time but, now, it seems as though its time on the platform is coming to an end.

In a recent interview, the show’s executive producer has claimed that The Crown will finish after the sixth season. The series has followed the life of Queen Elizabeth II, including her coronation, marriage to Prince Philip and on and has begun filming on the fifth season.

Last season saw Gillian Anderson take on the role of Margaret Thatcher as we explored the 1980s in the Royal Family, including the introduction of Princess Diana to the wild family life.

Two more seasons of the show are arriving but will be the last we see from The Crown as producer Suzanna Mackie told Broadcast Now that Peter Morgan, the show’s creator, would not move the timeline forward anymore after that.

“Peter has said it very articulately, that he simply can’t write something unless there has been time to gain a proper perspective,” she said. “And I think he’s always felt 10 years is the minimum amount of time that he can see something in a historical context, to allow him to really understand it. I don’t think he’ll deviate from that.”

Mackie explained further: “We all know these stories, but what Peter does so brilliantly is get underneath that and understand the landscape in a more nuanced, complex, surprising way.

“The minute he starts trying to do that sooner, it will inevitably feel contrived or artificial. So, although this has been an absolute career highlight for me, it will absolutely be time to move on.”

The Crown can be streamed now on Netflix.