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Netflix teases July debut for ‘Resident Evil’ live-action series

Netflix’s live-action series for the popular video game franchise, Resident Evil, had delighted certified game aficionados. While rumour mills have been awash with speculation for years, the release date has finally been announced by Netflix via a brand new teaser. 

After a film reboot last year, this eight-episode series will be back on July 14th, 2022. The exciting cast is pretty diverse and inclusive, including Lance Riddick, Ella Balinska, Tamara Smart, Siena Agudong, Paola Nunez. 

Based on the eponymous Capcom game that has a massive fanbase, the Netflix series will be the latest addition to the Resident Evil universe in addition to other books, novels, films etc. 

The live-action series will take place over two distinct timelines. It will mainly explore the dark secrets of the Umbrella Corporation in the wake of a deadly T-virus outbreak that leads to the establishment of a New World Order. 

The series will mainly focus on the two wavering timelines. The first will involve two fourteen-year-old teenage sisters, Billie and Jade Weser, who relocate to New Raccoon City. They move to NRC when they realise that their fathers harbour a deadly secret that could potentially destroy the world.

Meanwhile, the second timeline is a futuristic world where only 15 million humans live, with over 6 billion infected with the lethal T-virus. Jade, now thirty, has to survive this world while looking for her purpose in life and trying to grapple with past trauma.

 The series seems pretty intriguing, with high-strung action scenes and plenty of suspense. 

While audience members wait (im)patiently for “the best of the Resident Evil DNA”, as mentioned by Netflix, take a look at the official poster below:

(Credit: Netflix)