Netflix suspends service in Russia following Ukraine invasion
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Netflix suspends service in Russia following Ukraine invasion

To protest against Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Netflix has imposed sanctions of their own by suspending its service in the aggressor nation. 

Earlier this week, Netflix announced its plans to indefinitely halt all future Russian projects and acquisitions. Netflix followed the footsteps of other companies and streaming services that have cut ties with the nation and stopped various projects, including Dasha Zhuk’s true-crime series in production. 

Previously, the streaming platform refused to comply with the government’s demanding laws of airing the 20 Russian channels that propagate Kremlin propaganda favouring the Russian President, Vladimir Putin and hail his cult-like personality. 

In their latest step, Netflix has planned to immediately shut down the service in the particular country. It began airing in Russia back in 2021. A Netflix spokesperson said, “Given the circumstances on the ground, we have decided to suspend our service in Russia.”

While Netflix has a total subscriber base of 222 million users worldwide, they have a meagre number of one million subscribers in Russia. 

While Putin has been waging this egocentric war on Ukraine for quite some time now, it has drained the country of its financial resources, leading to an intense economic meltdown. Besides dealing with extensive and aggressive sanctions, the country has faced the consequences of various companies like Apple, Dell, Microsoft and others joining other organisations and corporations in ceasing operations with Russia. 

Nike has refused to fulfil online orders, while Ikea has closed down stores. The entertainment industry has seen several significant studios ceasing to release their films in the country. 

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has also resulted in a severe humanitarian and refugee crisis, with hundreds and thousands of destitute Ukrainians desperately seeking to cross the border and escape the Russian rage. There have been increasing fears about a possible nuclear conflict. 

Currently, the 2015 documentary Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight For Freedom is airing on Netflix as a part of the streamer’s solidarity with Ukraine. The documentary helps understand the historical relevance of the current Russia-Ukraine conflict and documents the harrowing events of the Euromaidan protests in Ukraine.