Netflix series ‘The Crown’ has jewels and antiques stolen
(Credit: Netflix)

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Netflix series 'The Crown' has jewels and antiques stolen

In a shocking turn of events, thieves have raided lorries and stolen around £150,000 worth of gems, jewels and rare antiques that were used on the sets of Netflix’s The Crown.

Around 200 items were stolen, including an expensive replica of a Russian Faberge Egg that Queen Mary and King George V had purchased. Other missing items include a grandfather’s clock, candelabras, jewellery and expensive silverware.  

The thieves had managed to access the lorries right before the crew began shooting scenes with Imelda Staunton and Jonathan Pryce as Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip for the fifth season of The Crown

The producers have a meticulous eye for detail and handpicked each of the items. According to an unnamed source, “To lose the lot is just heartbreaking.” Netflix has however refused to hold up filming and is on the lookout for possible replacements. 

South Yorkshire Police have been investigating the matter. They said that three vehicles were broken into on Wednesday and “a number of items were taken”. The police have asked antique dealers to keep an eye out for these items. 

Created by Peter Morgan in 2016, this Emmy-winning show became one of the highest-grossing shows on the streaming service. 

This polarising series has upheld the various events that have taken place during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, including political and social events and an abundance of family drama, royal family secrets, scandals and many more. Loyal to the chronology of events, the show changes its cast every two seasons to stay in tandem with its changing timeline. 

Having amassed staggering revenues for the streamer, The Crown, however, found itself in hot waters with the royal family recently due to their upcoming portrayal of Prince Charles and late Princess Diana’s tumultuous marriage and the latter’s eventual tragic demise. 

The upcoming fifth season, also said to be the penultimate season, will premiere sometime this year. The fifth and sixth seasons will record some of the darkest moments of the Queen’s reign as well as the year that she called an “annus horribilis”. 

The fifth season will star the likes of Elizabeth Debicki, Imelda Staunton, Jonathan Prye, Dominic West, Lesley Manville, Olivia Williams, Claudia Harrison and others. 

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