Netflix creates its first “Global Fan Event” entitled ‘TUDUM’
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Netflix creates its first "Global Fan Event" entitled 'TUDUM'

As soon as we log into Netflix and select a title, the very distinct sound is nothing but sweet music to our ears. Fans all over the world have affectionately called it the ‘TUDUM’ sound. And now, Netflix is going to host its very own global fan event named ‘TUDUM’, derived from their signature sound. 

On September 25, 2021, the streamer will be including trailers, news pieces and clips from more than 70 series, films, specials, documentaries and more. The streamer has promised a three-hour-long event with exclusive and fun content that will see some of the biggest stars on the streamer making an appearance. 

The fan event has been created to “entertain and honour Netflix fans from across the globe”. We are grateful to Netflix for being our constant companion for years, especially during the mindboggling coronavirus pandemic, and it seems like the streamer has its unique way of returning the gratitude. 

Some of the most anticipated projects that will be featured on this fan event include Stranger Things, Money Heist, The Witcher, Bridgerton, Cobra Kai, Ozark, The Crown, The Umbrella Academy, and the upcoming heist film Red Notice. Netflix will most likely showcase the live-action series of the popular anime Cowboy Bebop during ‘TUDUM’ as well. 

‘TUDUM’ will begin on September 25, 2021, at noon ET. The event will be streamed everywhere all across on Netflix’s Youtube, Twitch and Twitter. Before the main event, the pre-showcase shows, including various films and series from India and South Korea, will start at 8 am ET on September 25, 2021. 

Netflix has announced that viewers can co-stream the event on Youtube, Twitch and Facebook and react to it live. 

Watch the teaser announcement for the event below: