Netflix announces dates for the final season of ‘Ozark’
(Credit: Netflix)

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Netflix announces dates for the final season of ‘Ozark’

Fans were delighted by the first part of Netflix’s Ozark season four. With its seven slow-burner episodes, the first volume set the tempo for a brutal and explosive final season.

Starring Jason Bateman, Laura Linney, Sofia Hublitz, Julia Garner, Felix Solis, Alfonso Herrera, Skylar Gaertner, Charlie Tahan, Lisa Emery and more, Ozark season four-part one began right after the events of season three.

Ozark has reigned supreme as one of the best crime shows on Netflix with an abundance of violence, dangerous drug cartels, money laundering schemes and family issues with the Byrde family at the centre of it. 

The first volume of the fourth season ended on a cliffhanger and fans were dying to know when the final season would premiere and put an end to all their worries and answer all their questions.  

Netflix has finally announced the dates for the final season of Ozark. The streamer took to Twitter to announce that the show would come to an end on April 29th, 2022. 

In the 49-second teaser, Julia Garner, who plays the criminal mastermind, Ruth Langmore, says, “My childhood traumas are not like yours.” She calls herself a “cursed Langmore” and the voiceover continues as the teaser shows a montage of sequences from the last batch of episodes. The teaser ends with a simple but chilling, “The End arrives.”

While the final season will probably censure an inevitable doom for the Byrdes, the ominous teaser promises an abundance of violence, death, shock value and closure. 

Take a look at the teaser below: