Five shows to watch if you loved ‘Ginny & Georgia’
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Five shows to watch if you loved 'Ginny & Georgia'

Ginny & Georgia is a show based on the troubled relationship of mother and daughter. Being a struggling teen mother who was constantly abused as a child, Georgia only learned how to survive by taking action and then escaping into a new life.

Since the newest season drop, fans have been going crazy and cannot wait to know how the story transpires further. If you miss the show, you have stopped at the right place. Best of Netflix has got your back! 

Any fan can confirm that the moment Georgia got arrested things changed. Georgia was not the force that could escape anything as and when she wanted. Fans expected it while still remaining surprised by how the events transpired in the newest season of Ginny & Georgia

Ever since then, the audience has been trying to fill up the void left in their hearts having to wait a whole year to know what happened next. Best of Netflix understands your grief. And to help you recover from the Wellsbury fever, we have compiled a list of the five best shows that are currently streaming on Netflix. These shows are bound to hit the same notes as Ginny & Georgia but in their own unique way. Find out more! 

Shows you can watch if you miss Ginny and Georgia

5. Bridgerton (2020)

Created by Chris Van Dusen this period drama highlights a set of romance novels. Focussing on the Bridgerton family with eight children. When some of them come up to the age of marriage the battle of eligible suitors begins. What happens next? Do they find love or betrayal? It is steamy and dramatic, everything you could wish for in one series.

You can catch Bridgerton currently streaming on Netflix here.

Bridgerton, Season I- Official trailer

4. Never Have I Ever (2020)

Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) is overcoming the grief of losing her father out of the blue. She recalls his presence everywhere but refuses to work through her emotions. Instead, she puts her mind on all kinds of distractions in school. A rather different approach to a mother-daughter relationship. Similar to Ginny & Georgia in many ways, yet quite different! 

You can catch Never Have I Ever currently streaming on Netflix here.

Never Have I Ever, Season I- Official trailer

3. Emily in Paris (2020)

Yet another story of love. But this time, instead of a person, it’s the story of a girl who meets the city of love, Paris. Emily (Lily Collins) moves to Paris to work with an associate company to help them meet the American perspective. Soon France rubs off on her more than she imagined; she finds love, friends, and family. Bedazzled by everything the country offers, Emily decides she is not ready to leave. Emily in Paris is a visual treat!

You can catch Emily in Paris currently streaming on Netflix here.

Emily in Paris, Season I- Official trailer

2. Jane the Virgin (2014)

Yet another female protagonist gets accidentally inseminated while still being a virgin. She decides to keep the child, and it’s safe to say that she never regrets it. Jane (Gina Rodriguez) goes through all the challenges of becoming a single and young mother, whether it’s financial or the efforts spent in trying to balance jobs. This telenovela approaches family as a supreme power, and nothing can ever come close to it. 

You can catch Jane the Virgin currently streaming on Netflix here.

Jane the Virgin, Season 5- Official Trailer

1. Dead to Me (2019)

A very interesting and witty piece highlighting the relationship between two friends. Jen (Christina Applegate) and Judy (Linda Cardellini) become friends when they meet at a grief management program. Both women have gone through battles of their own. Jen tries to process the loss of her partner through anger and Judy helps her see the brighter sides of life. All while hiding a crazy secret from her. What happens when Jen finds out what Judy has been hiding from her? Find out for yourself! 

You can catch Dead to Me currently streaming on Netflix here.

Dead to Me, Season I- Official trailer