Discover the Paris locations in ‘Emily in Paris’
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Discover the Paris locations in 'Emily in Paris'

Since Emily in Paris season 3 aired on the fan favourite platform, Netflix, the buzz around the show has been nonstop. From the gorgeous outfits to how valid the representation has been. The show loudly captures the very essence of rapid globalisation and how the planet has already become a global village. The narrow walls of nationalisation are not enough to restrict someone’s true potential. Whether that is within or outside the country. 

Emily in Paris is one very familiar story of Emily who initially visited Paris for a year to work for her company’s offshore branch. This happens when her boss gets pregnant and can no longer travel to the same. Emily (Lily Collins) fills in. Soon she realises that her french trip turns out to be more of a dream come true. She grows through her mistakes and makes her own family in a country far away from where she was born. 

Falls in love makes friends and loses some at the same time, lives through the chaos that she now called life. Emily in Paris is the right destination for a chaotic drama series if that is what you want. An added bonus to this series is definitely its binge-worthiness! The story revolving around an American moving to the French capital encapsulates various nationalistic gazes. Whether it’s about art or the way Emily chooses to deal with her problems. How culture is imbibed in the smallest things. 

With these big themes all revolving around each other at the same time, the production team did an awe-inspiring task at highlight the gorgeous City of Lights, Paris. Whether you have been there before or not. Emily in Paris is sure to make you fall in love with every version of the French capital shown in the series. 

Best of Netflix found a list of the top ten locations used to film the series’ latest season. Take a deep dive into the beautiful locations set in Paris.

Top ten Paris locations from Emily in Paris 

10. Place de Valois

When Emily left America, she did so to travel to Paris to help out a French associate company called Savoir. The whole idea was to help this agency appeal more to the American audience. As time went by, Emily’s position in Savoir and Paris became more and more secure, and the audience grew to know and love her one-of-a-kind office at Place de Valois. Present in the neighbouring area of the Louvre. Named after the late last kind of French, Louis Philippe, the square grew familiar to the audiences.  

9.  Rue de l’Abreuvoir

One of the most popular roads that are deemed Instagram-worthy is the one that slopes up from the Montmartre to Sacre-Coeur. Deemed one of the most charming spots in the city, the production team had to get on it! This very place is blessed with a vibrant corner cafe that was once a local’s favourite artist drop. Where artists like Pablo Picasso, Suzanne Valadon and even Maurice Utrillo were regulars. The historic spot is also adorned with their paintings.  

8. Pont Alexandre III, Pont des Arts, Pont Neuf and the banks of the Seine

One way that the producers established that the whole point of making Emily in Paris has been a process of expressing Paris through the eyes of an outsider. In this case, Emily. Being an American, she is an active jogger. And is often seen to be taking such jogs whenever she is stressed. This is also a good opportunity for the producers to capture the scenic routes within Paris itself. This is the very route taken by Emily on most of her stress jogs along with many other iconic scenes shot through the seasons. 

7. L’Atelier des Lumières

One of the most unique places on the list. This is the very place that Gabriel and his partner Camille (Camille Razat) choose to bring Emily on one of their night outs for an exhibition at the Atelier des Lumieres. This popular art gallery is known for its immersive exhibitions and various sound and visual projects. A true treat to any visitor’s eyes and ears. The truest form of a holistic experience. 

6. Palace of Versailles

One of the most iconic places that were beautifully treated by the hands of the cameraman. Especially for the finale of the second season where a luxurious and extravagant fashion show was covered within the horizons of this very place. Held within the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace de Versailles, Emily and Sylvie attended a gorgeous representation of art meets function by Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu. Renowned for being one of France’s most popular tourist destinations, is also a treat for history lovers. Established by Louis XIV, this very palace was also the home to the infamous Treaty of Versailles signed in the 20th century. 

5. St Tropez 

Not exactly a part of Paris, but this gorgeous site was one that could not have missed the list. Present in the south of France, St Tropez is where Emily escaped amidst the second season of Emily in Paris. From enjoying oysters at the beach to visiting breathtaking restaurants like the Senequier itself. St Tropez is a part of paradise that simply can’t be missed! 

4. Provence

The addition to the family of gorgeous sites being covered within the realms of France every season, this is the latest one. Started from Champagne to St Tropez, and now they have reached Provence. Emily had organised the most amazing Lavender McLaren launch at one of her associate’s owned properties.

Emily is seen with her new love Alfie (Lucien Laviscount) speeding through the gorgeous scenes around France on a luxurious and vibrant shade and edition of McLaren. Emily confesses in the show how one should be grateful for everything that France has to offer. And Provence is a breathtaking site posing as the best example for the simple fact! 

3. The Panthéon

The building which was once a neoclassical church came to be known as a secular monument during the French Revolution. It also serves as the resting place for great men like Jean Jacques Rousseau and Victor Hugo themselves. Exactly where Emily was posed to have her first breakup with her boyfriend from over seven seas. 

2.  Place de l’Estrapade

Present right around the former mentioned Pantheon. The very place with gorgeous Parisesque architecture that Emily first moved to. The very place where Emily met Gabriel and moved in with her soul twin, Mindy (Ashley Park). The very same spot is also where Gabriel’s (Lucas Bravo) fictional restaurant is situated. A dreamy house with some plumbing work to be done blessed Emily’s soul for the long three seasons already. 

1. Château de Montpoupon

Set in Touraine, France, Château de Montpoupon was a previously destroyed monument during the war and was rebuilt during the Renaissance period. Remember the classic scene in a romantic hot air balloon ride at sunset behind a breathtaking castle? We have reached yet another iconic moment in the history of Emily in Paris where the views are to die for. The once monumental castle now serves as a museum for hunting and is open for public visits!

Don’t miss out on this drama-filled crooked journey that Emily takes in Paris. Catch Emily in Paris currently streaming on Netflix right here. But first, watch the trailer for the newest season here!