Ranking the 5 main characters in Netflix’s ‘Emily in Paris’
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Ranking the 5 main characters in Netflix’s ‘Emily in Paris’

Netflix’s Emily in Paris saw the naive and innocent Emily, totally clueless and oblivious to French culture, saunter into the Seine-adorned city of Paris and fall in love numerous times. All while trying to balance her career, lack of linguistic skills and more, often finding herself in hilarious and chaotic as well as disastrous situations.

While some fans of the show absolutely adored her ditzy nature, others were critical of the stereotypes that were being continuously reinforced by the sappy series. 

Despite her devastating wordplays and fumbles, we loved her glamorous life, her strolls by the river, her vineyard visits, her debauchery with rare steaks and croissants and loud fashion choices. In addition, Lucas Bravo was an absolute delight! 

After the first season was an immense success, Netflix ordered a second season of this ignorant woman finding herself tangled in messy love triangles. This Emmy-nominated show, created by Darren Star, however, has a problem in writing men and honestly needs to introduce way more respectful and understanding male characters while abstaining from indulging in further stereotyping the French culture! 

Before Emily in Paris season 2 arrives on Netflix on December 22, 2021, here is our ranking of the five main characters on the show: 

Ranking the 5 main characters in Netflix’s ‘Emily in Paris’ 

5. Antoine 

Played by William Abadie, Antoine Lambert is an absolute vision in his three-piece fitted suits as he swirls the whiskey in his hand, under the Parisian lights. Although he is a brilliant businessman, his personal life is an utter mess. Infidelity seems to be his middle name as he continues a torrid affair with Sylvie, Emily’s boss, despite being married. He also expresses interest in Emily and tries to sweep her off her feet on multiple occasions. 

Antoine’s massive ego and pride hint at toxic masculinity. He probably does not understand the meanings of boundaries or respect as he oversteps the former by giving Emily lingerie as a gift. His chiselled features do not redeem his loathsome ways and he remains one of our least main characters on the show. 

Antoine ‘Emily in Paris’ (Credit: Netflix)

4. Gabriel 

Lucas Bravo’s Gabriel is undeniably attractive, especially in his chef’s uniform as he cooks up delicacies for his customers in a roadside French deli. However, we cannot support his infidelity and inability, to be honest and open about his feelings. Despite being in a long-term relationship with Camille, he pines for his neighbour Emily and things eventually get hot and heavy between them. While one would expect Gabriel to break things off with Camille immediately, he does no such thing. 

Given his previous track record, he is not very reliable, not even when Bravo flashes his heartfelt puppy dog eyes. However, Bravo plays the character with a lot of care and warmth and makes Gabriel saunter into our hearts despite our trepidations. His conflicted emotions make things difficult for him to comprehend. He is confused and scared; one can only hope for Gabriel to finally make up his mind in the second season. 

Gabriel ‘Emily in Paris’ (Credit: Netflix)

3. Emily 

The titular Emily moves to Paris from the United States as a substitute for her boss who finds out about her unwarranted pregnancy. Emily is not very likeable at first given her ignorance towards the culture and landscape of the place she goes to. She is ditzy and clueless and exists as a typical stereotypical foreigner who serves as an utter embarrassment to the Americans. Although she is cute and adorable, her lack of interest in learning the language to get rid of the existing barriers makes it extremely frustrating. 

Played by Lily Collins, Emily finds herself tangled in a series of romantic pursuits. It seems like she cannot get enough of French men who, in turn, never get enough of her. Even when she lies to her friend Camille about Gabriel, we end up disliking her a little bit more. Emily’s uber-American approach to all-things French is terrible and has been criticised far and wide ever since the release of the first season in 2020.   

Emily in Paris (Credit: Netflix)

2. Mindy

Mindy is the kind of friend we all need once we step away from the comfort of our homes into an alien environment. She is Emily’s rock throughout the latter’s misadventures as a non-French speaking foreigner trying to navigate her life in Paris. Mindy’s compassionate and sympathetic nature helps Emily immensely. 

She is a pretty strong character who refuses to return home on her family’s insistence and does not let their gifts sway her opinion. Supportive, brave and helpful, and played by Ashley Park, without Mindy, the show would not be half as fun as it is now.   

Mindy ‘Emily in Paris’ (Credit: Netflix)

1. Camille

Clad in beautiful and fashionable dresses, Camille makes a distinct statement beside Emily in the show. She is endearing and cute and extremely helpful. A well-connected socialite within the Parisian community, she readily assists Emily and becomes the latter’s friend. Played by Camille Razat, Camille tries her level best to help Emily feel comfortable in a foreign land and does not let the latter feel isolated from having the ultimate Parisian experience.

However, her naivete and trusting nature are her fatal flaws that might lead to certain rising tension in the second season. She is completely oblivious to the sexual tension and brewing attraction between her infidel boyfriend Gabriel and Emily. While we feel bad for the gullible Camille, we think she deserves much better! 

Camille ‘Emily in Paris’ (Credit: Netflix)