Finding the real places in the centre of ‘Ginny & Georgia’
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Finding the real places in the centre of 'Ginny & Georgia'

After being on the run for years Ginny’s family finally decide to settle in amidst the breathtaking views of a small town in New England. Ginny & Georgia was first released in the year 2021 and ever since has maintained a strong fan base. One of the things that have significantly added to the show’s success is the gorgeous and cosy locations. 

Ginny & Georgia is set in a lovable fictional town called Wellsbury. Unfortunately for all the die-hard fans, you cannot visit Wellsbury, a picturesque town placed in New England. However, you can visit Massachusetts. This town has been fictionally built in Massachusetts. 

Even though Wellsbury is posed as a fictional asset within the horizons of Massachusetts, that is not where the series was shot. One can indeed wonder how much importance and mystery lies within a filming location. The reality of it is that a location makes a significant difference in any film or series. 

Could you imagine Wednesday‘s shine without Nevermore’s gorgeous and gothic property or Downtown Abbey becoming what it is without Downtown Abbey itself? Properties make a massive difference in the presence of a show. And Ginny & Georgia is an iconic show to further uplift locations’ importance. 

Now coming to the question at hand, where was Ginny & Georgia actually filmed? The show was filmed in Toronto and Cobourg in the province of Ontario, Canada. Catch a quick recap of the first season here!

Set in Toronto, the house that became home to Ginny & Georgia is a real-life residence. This private residence is located precisely at 46 Baby Point Crescent, Parkdale-High Park, York. However, if you are feeling like visiting this cosy and loving place please do keep in mind that this residence is not open to the public. Respect the boundaries and privacy of real-life residents. 

If you are wondering where Marcus and Ellen’s home from the show is situated, guess what, it is literally right across the street. Right at the other side of 45 Baby Point Crescent. 

If you are looking for something new and light to binge, make sure to tune into Ginny & Georgia, as it might just be the perfect show to waltz into February with. Find Ginny & Georgia currently streaming on Netflix here.