Five Naomi Watts films to watch on Netflix
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Five Naomi Watts films to watch on Netflix

British actress and film producer Naomi Watts has proved her versatility over and over again. When she moved with her family to Australia, she quickly seized the opportunity to work on her debutant film, For Love Alone. If you have watched The Watcher you know what we are discussing. Naomi Watts has done an incredible job serving us with a captivating performance in the series. 

If you have not watched her newest show on the streamer yet, jump into it now. The Watcher is currently streaming on Netflix. Hop on here to learn everything you should know about The Watcher. You can find the trailer to the nerve-chilling limited series following the life of the Broaduses here. 

Alongside The Watcher, she also starred in the drama film Infinite Storm. We are here to cherish her expertise and gifted talent in the field of acting. To do that better, the streamer offers us a variety of Naomi Watts films on its shelves. If you loved her in The Watcher, the chances are that you will love her in all of these other films. 

To cherish the talented actress, Best of Netflix has gathered a curated list of the five best Naomi Watts films on the streamer for you to watch. If you are still looking for a weekend playlist, you have reached your destination. Without further ado, let’s dig in.  

Five Naomi Watts films to watch on Netflix

5. King Kong (2005)

Peter Jackson did a great job at directing King Kong back in the year 2005. The story follows a filmmaker called Carl Denham, who discovers a mega-sized giant ape in the pits of Skull island. The team leader decides to capture it and bring it to the city for profit motives.

However, things go array soon when the giant ape sets loose in the middle of a bustling city. For the time that the cinema was situated, it even got an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects in the industry. And rightfully so. 

King Kong currently streaming on Netflix. Find the trailer for the classic here!

4. The International (2009)

Naomi Watts plays the role of a district attorney called Eleanor Whitman, who works alongside an Interpol agent called Louis (Clive Owen) to unravel deep secrets. The duo came together to explore how a certain bank was using its funds. They soon stumbled upon the fact that the bank was funding a terrorist organisation.

Right after, the two learnt that their lives are at risk as they continue to unwind from the mystery. Thrilling is one word to describe the journey of this movie. Definitely apt for a light watch if you are looking for some fast-paced action. 

The International currently streaming on Netflix. Find the trailer for the film here!

3. Penguin Bloom (2021)

A drama film following the life of Samantha Bloom, portrayed by Naomi Watts. This story follows Sam’s life after she got paralysed chest down as a result of a broken back from an accident. Things change a lot for her as she is a mother trying her best to do the most.

A year after the incident, her kids bring home an injured magpie that they happen to stumble upon. Soon after, Sam finds herself trying to make friends with the newest family member in the house. If anything describes the plot of the story, the word ‘wholesome’ is best.

Penguin Bloom currently streaming on Netflix. Watch the trailer for the film here!

2. This is the Night (2021)

Bobby Cannavale and Naomi Watts united once again in the past before the sets of The Watcher in the sets of This is the Night. This movie, although, is not near enough as intense as the formerly mentioned series.

Set in the year 1982 in Staten island, where everyone is waiting for a blockbuster boxing movie, an Italian American family confront some serious challenges. Soon things unravel, and as the plot continues, the family meets with some realizations. Simply that the way to live life is like there is no tomorrow. Beautiful watch and highly recommended in spite of its critical reception. 

Watch the trailer for it now!

1. St. Vincent (2014)

St. Vincent is a dramedy filled with stars like Bill Murray, Melissa McCarthy, Chris O’Dowd, Terrence Howard, Jaeden Martell, and of course, Naomi Watts herself.

The trajectory of the movie follows the life of a working mother, Maggie, played by McCarthy. Amongst looking for babysitters for her 12-year-old son Oliver, Maggie comes across Vincent, who is a hedonistic misanthrope. As Vincent starts working for Maggie, a beautiful friendship develops between him and the child. 

Watch this wholesome cinema and begin with the trailer now if you have not already!