Five movies to get you into the Christmas spirit
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Five movies to get you into the Christmas spirit

With the Black Friday sale cornering our calendars, the Christmas spirit is officially on. The Christmas season is all about family, love, snow, and hot chocolate. Cosy winter evenings tucked under the duvet with a hot cup of cocoa to refresh our souls. The only thing missing? A Christmas movie list. 

Christmas movies have become a standard form of practice. Movies with heartwarming themes centred around chaos and family with happy endings flood streamer shelves. With every year, the list of must-watches during the holiday season increases! So what to watch? 

To solve that million-dollar question and make your lives easier, Best of Netflix has curated a list of five movies that will get you right into the Christmas mood. Especially if you have been hustling at work just a little harder, this list will, rest assured, make your weekend reward sweeter.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the world of red, white, and glitter! It is time for Christmas movies! 

Five movies to get you into the Christmas spirit

5. The Holiday (2006)

Based on love and frustration, two single women from across the world agree to swap houses for Christmas. English Iris (Kate Winslet) and Californian Amanda (Cameron Diaz) set out on different adventures to find some peace for the holiday season. The two single women find themselves completely out of place when they reach their destinations.

Iris finds a way to navigate a palace-like modern, and classic Hollywood, house whilst Amanda tries to find her way around a picture-perfect English village. Soon after, both find something lovely enough to keep them for longer. They found love in the most unexpected places. The story comes to a beautiful end, with everyone right where they should be. With Jude Law and Jack Black, let this story of a classic summer love found in winter warm you up. 

Watch the movie currently streaming on Netflix here.

4. Falling For Christmas (2022)

What many are calling Lindsay Lohan’s walk back into the world of Christmas movies. The story revolves around a young and freshly engaged heiress. She suddenly meets with a skiing accident and gets diagnosed with amnesia.

This is when she finds herself being taken care of by a handsome cabin owner and his daughter. Heiress Sierra Belmont gets a chance to find herself all over again with a fresh start that turns into a beautiful Christmas. Give this heartwarming film a watch sheerly for the joy of Christmas that it brings into our hearts. 

Watch the movie currently streaming on Netflix here.

3. Love Hard (2021)

Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev (Natalie) has been climbing one step at a time in her film career. Love Hard is one of the most iconic Christmas rom-coms of our generation. The plot follows a unique love story revolving around a romance scam.

Natalie was catfished. Where a guy pretended to be someone else online to talk to a beautiful woman, he found himself attracted to. This girl is a journalist writing about her failure in her love life when she finds Josh Lin (Jimmy O. Yang) online. Everything fit perfectly; they couldn’t stop talking for hours and shared intimate moments whilst on call. 

As all things were going exactly in the right direction Natalie, our protagonist, decides to fly across the country to be with Josh and his family for Christmas. That’s when she finds out who he really is. A story that set off with odd roots turns into a beautiful Christmas love story by the end of the film. 

Watch the movie currently streaming on Netflix here.

2. Single All the Way (2021)

A rather interesting take on family and Christmas, Single All the Way is a story about Peter (Michael Urie). To avoid all the judgement about being single by his family over Christmas Peter decides to do something different to avoid a holiday disaster. A chaotic Christmas story filled with family, friends, and drama. We are here for it.

Peter persuades his best friend Nick (Philemon Chambers) to pose as his partner over a trip back home for Christmas. What happens after? You have to find out that by yourself as you tune into this Christmas delight when the weekend is here! 

Watch the movie currently streaming on Netflix here.

1. A Castle for Christmas (2021)

It is Christmas, and a best-selling author called Sophie (Brooke Shields) faces a massive scandal. That’s when she decides to take a trip to Scotland to stray away from it. While in Scotland, Sophie finds herself to be incredibly enchanted with a castle. As she fell in love with the castle, it was now her turn to face the grumpy and rude Duke who owns it.

The Duke, Myles, eventually finds himself rattled and madly in love with Sophie and is willing to lose the castle over losing her. A true Christmas miracle and the glitter of the season has been served with a fulfilled love story. Give this wholesome and refreshing film a shot while you try to step away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. 

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