The 3 best Christmas movies on Netflix right now
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The 3 best Christmas movies on Netflix right now

It’s finally that time of the year when we go last-minute shopping for our families, gulp down eggnog, wear ugly matching sweaters and live out every Hollywood Christmas stereotype under the gigantic Christmas trees as we await Santa’s presents! It’s enough to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

From being doused by typical dad jokes at dinner tables to incessant family chatter and fun, the Holiday season has officially arrived, and we cannot help but soak in the Yuletide spirit. However, there is one thing we love more than all of those put together, and that is sitting down to watch our favourite Christmas movies.

Besides gorging down mouth-watering delicacies and decorating trees, Christmas also signifies cookies-and-candy-filled movie marathons that form a significant part of our family time. From watching old Christmas classics to learning to love new ones, Christmas films are all about celebrating the good things in life.

Netflix has been very giving in terms of Christmas content, filling its shelves with plenty of titles to watch. Here we’ve collated the three best Christmas movies on Netflix as the perfect festive trilogy.

They may not be the mot obvious picks but, using the famed IMDB ranking system, we can guarantee that the films selected below are well worth the wait.

The 3 best Christmas movies on Netflix right now:

Shaun The Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas (2021)

There aren’t many characters that can be both completely devoid of Christmas cheer and yet embody everything we love about the festive period better than Shaun the Sheep. Having long outgrown its original home of Wallace & Gromit projects, Shaun is now a star in his own right.

After a feature film and a subsequent television show, Shaun the Sheep has now branched into a Christmas special too. It may well be right o the edge of what you’d class as a film — it’s only 30 minutes long — but it delivers Christmas cheer by the bucketload.

White Christmas (1954)

If Christmas isn’t about tradition, then we don’t know what it is. The festive period sees us don some of the silliest traditions around with gleeful joy. It means that the opportunity to watch some of the corniest films around is also an annual occurrence and, more often than not, when going for something cheesier than a stinking Stilton, White Christmas is the go-to movie.

The film sees a dance troupe battling to save a failing inn. Coming equipped with Bing Crosby as the star, the film is a traditional moment of cotton-ball joy. Sweet, tender but with just enough showbiz to keep all audiences happy.

Klaus (2019)

Considering Netflix has thrust itself into the original filmmaking arena with big-budget productions like The Irishman and Marriage Story, it may feel a little aggrieved that this film, Klaus, is their most highly ranked on IMDB by a mile.

The animated feature film follows. postman who is sent to the North Pole to work. Notably bad at his job, the postman finds solace when he meets a toymaker by the name of Klaus. Of course, Klaus has a few secrets that are exposed throughout the film with some of the most eye-catching and engaging visuals around.